Naz Tricks: How to Boost Your Instagram Followers and Engagement

Instagram is one of the most popular and influential social media platforms in the world, with over 1.2 billion monthly active users. If you want to grow your online presence, brand awareness, and business opportunities on Instagram, you need to have a large and loyal following, as well as high engagement rates. However, achieving these goals is not easy, as the competition and algorithm are constantly changing. That’s why you need to learn some effective and proven tips and tricks to boost your Instagram followers and engagement.

How to use Instagram Stories and Reels to connect with your audience and increase your visibility

One of the most important naz tricks is to use Instagram Stories and Reels, which are two of the most popular and engaging features on the platform. Stories are short, ephemeral videos or photos that disappear after 24 hours, while Reels are short, creative videos that can be edited with music, effects, and filters. Both features offer unique ways to connect with your audience and boost your visibility.

  • Engaging with Stories: Stories offer a more personal and authentic way to connect with your audience, as they allow you to share behind-the-scenes, tips, polls, questions, quizzes, and more. You can also use Stories to drive traffic to your posts, website, or other platforms, by adding links, stickers, and swipe-up features. To increase your engagement with Stories, you should post regularly, use interactive elements, reply to your viewers’ messages, and reshare your followers’ Stories that mention you.
  • Creating with Reels: Reels are a great way to showcase your creativity, humor, and talent, as they allow you to create fun and catchy videos that can go viral. You can also use Reels to educate, entertain, and inspire your audience, by sharing valuable content, trends, challenges, and more. To increase your visibility with Reels, you should use relevant hashtags, captions, and music, follow the algorithm’s preferences, and explore the Reels tab and the Reels Explore page.

How to use hashtags, captions, and keywords to optimize your posts and reach more people

Another important naz trick is to use hashtags, captions, and keywords, which are three of the most essential elements of your posts. Hashtags are words or phrases that start with a # sign and are used to categorize your posts and make them searchable. Captions are the texts that accompany your posts and are used to convey your message and call to action. Keywords are the words or phrases that describe your content and are used to rank your posts and attract your target audience.

  • Using hashtags: Hashtags can help you increase your reach, engagement, and followers, as they can expose your posts to relevant and interested users. To use hashtags effectively, you should research and use the best hashtags for your niche, industry, and audience, use a mix of popular and niche hashtags, use up to 30 hashtags per post, and avoid banned or spammy hashtags.
  • Writing captions: Captions can help you communicate your brand voice, personality, and value, as they can tell your story, express your emotions, and encourage your audience to take action. To write captivating captions, you should use a catchy hook, a clear structure, a strong call to action, emojis, and punctuation, and keep your captions concise, relevant, and engaging.
  • Choosing keywords: Keywords can help you optimize your posts for the algorithm, as they can signal what your content is about and match it with the users’ search intent. To choose the right keywords, you should use keyword research tools, such as Google Keyword Planner, Moz, or SEMrush, to find the most relevant and searched keywords for your topic, use long-tail keywords that are more specific and less competitive, and use keywords in your hashtags, captions, and bio.

How to use analytics and insights to understand your performance and improve your strategy

A crucial naz trick is to use analytics and insights, which are the data and information that measure your performance and results on Instagram. Analytics and insights can help you understand your audience, content, and growth, and help you make informed and data-driven decisions to improve your strategy.

  • Accessing analytics and insights: To access analytics and insights on Instagram, you need to have a business or creator account, which you can switch to for free in your settings. Once you have a business or creator account, you can access analytics and insights in your app, by tapping on the menu icon, and then on the insights icon. You can also access analytics and insights on your desktop, by logging into your Facebook account, and then going to the Creator Studio.
  • Analyzing analytics and insights: To analyze analytics and insights on Instagram, you need to look at the three main categories: audience, content, and activity. Audience insights show you the demographics, behaviors, and interests of your followers and potential followers. Content insights show you the reach, impressions, engagement, and performance of your posts, Stories, and Reels. Activity insights show you the actions, interactions, and conversions that your account generates.
  • Improving your strategy: To improve your strategy based on analytics and insights, you need to identify your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats, and then adjust your goals, tactics, and actions accordingly. For example, you can use analytics and insights to find out the best times and days to post, the best types and formats of content to create, the best ways to engage and retain your audience, and the best methods to measure and evaluate your success.

How to use automation and scheduling tools to save time and post consistently

An essential naz trick is to use automation and scheduling tools, which are the software and applications that can help you automate and schedule your posts and tasks on Instagram. Automation and scheduling tools can help you save time, energy, and resources, and help you post consistently, which is vital for your growth and engagement on Instagram.

  • Using automation tools: Automation tools can help you automate various tasks and processes on Instagram, such as liking, commenting, following, unfollowing, direct messaging, and more. Automation tools can help you increase your activity, reach, and interactions on Instagram, without spending too much time and effort. However, you should use automation tools with caution, as they can also cause spam, backlash, and account suspension, if used excessively or inappropriately. Some of the popular automation tools for Instagram are Jarvee, Instazood, and Ingramer.
  • Using scheduling tools: Scheduling tools can help you schedule your posts and Stories in advance, and post them automatically at the optimal times and dates. Scheduling tools can help you plan your content calendar, maintain your posting frequency, and optimize your posting performance. Some of the popular scheduling tools for Instagram are Later, Buffer, and Hootsuite.

How to use giveaways, collaborations, and influencer marketing to grow your network and exposure

A powerful naz trick is to use giveaways, collaborations, and influencer marketing, which are three of the most effective ways to grow your network and exposure on Instagram. Giveaways are contests or promotions that offer prizes or rewards to your followers or potential followers, in exchange for their participation or action. Collaborations are partnerships or projects that involve working with other users or brands, to create and share content or value. Influencer marketing is a form of marketing that involves working with influencers, who are users with a large and loyal following, to promote your brand, product, or service.

  • Running giveaways: Giveaways can help you increase your followers, engagement, and awareness, as they can attract and incentivize your audience and potential audience. To run successful giveaways, you should set a clear goal, choose a relevant and appealing prize, define the rules and criteria, promote and announce your giveaway, and select and reward the winner.
  • Doing collaborations: Collaborations can help you expand your reach, exposure, and credibility, as they can expose you to new and relevant audiences and networks. To do effective collaborations, you should find and contact suitable and compatible partners, propose and agree on a mutually beneficial project, create and share quality and valuable content, and monitor and measure the results.
  • Leveraging influencer marketing: Influencer marketing can help you boost your sales, conversions, and reputation, as they can influence and persuade your target audience and market. To leverage influencer marketing, you should identify and research your ideal influencers, contact and negotiate with them, provide them with clear and realistic expectations and guidelines, and track and evaluate the outcomes.


Naz tricks are tips and tricks that can help you boost your Instagram followers and engagement in 2023. Naz tricks cover various aspects of Instagram, such as stories, reels, hashtags, captions, keywords, analytics, insights, automation, scheduling, giveaways, collaborations, influencer marketing, live videos, IGTV, and podcasts. Naz tricks can help you connect with your audience, increase your visibility, optimize your posts, save time, post consistently, grow your network, exposure, sales, and conversions, and showcase your personality and value. I hope this blog post has given you some useful and practical naz tricks that you can apply to your Instagram strategy and achieve your Instagram goals.

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