How Tucson Lawyers Are Redefining Worker Compensation?

Let’s capture a scenario. You are a worker handling heavy-duty machinery, possibly in a cargo bay or warehouse. Through no fault of your own, the machinery malfunctions and manages to injure you. You now are left with an expensive medical bill and an employer who has squarely pinned the blame on you. Naturally, when attempting to claim compensation for your injury, you are either delivered a lowball offer or refused outright. 

Worker compensation laws in Tucson have been built to prevent such unfairness from occurring. Unfortunately, uncooperative employers and money-hunger insurance adjusters find ways to bend the law in their favour. No more! Today, a typical workers compensation lawyer in Tucson leaves no stone unturned to ensure a fair settlement for their client. To change the tides, they utilize various innovative strategies, such as…

Redefining When Injuries Should Be Reported

An injury may not always manifest immediately. However, lawyers now recommend reporting an injury as soon as they suspect it to be related to work. Whether it’s the result of long-term ill-work conditions, or an incident at work a few days back – once an injury manifests, it’s time to report it.

Exercising the Right to Choose a Doctor

Workers are often shoe-horned to seek treatment from doctors recommended by employers or insurance agencies. Such medical professionals may not have a worker’s best interest at heart and may do whatever their overlords tell them. As such, worker’s compensation lawyers have started stressing on the right that each worker has to choose a trusted doctor.

Educating Victims About Compensation and Death Benefits

Various union-busting and anti-employee incidents have showcased that employers do not want their workers to have all the knowledge and power. This may also involve wilfully gatekeeping the potential compensation and death benefits workers and their families can claim. Lawyers work to prevent this by not only knowing all the proper rights but also encouraging individuals to claim the benefits.

Identifying Grounds to Reopen a Closed Case

Even when a case is closed, new evidence may come to light that requires another look at the compensation awarded. Lawyers now focus on discovering and capitalizing on new evidence, re-opening cases to provide the justice that workers and their families deserve. 

If you’re faced with a settlement offer that you know does not begin to cover your needs, it might just be time to consider an alternate approach. Luckily, it’s not too late. Ensure that you contact a lawyer who specializes in worker’s compensation! 

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