Economic Citizenship in a Caribbean Paradise: Antigua and Barbuda

“My home is my castle”, they say in England. However, the present-day world requires at least two castles to feel safe! Citizenship-by-investment programs are becoming more and more popular as it is a really easy way to have more safety in life: you invest some money and get passports for the whole family in a few months. There is no need to live in the respective country for a long time, learn its language, and so on. The passport you get will protect you against black swans (if something happens in your country of residence, you will simply pack your bags and go) and give you many opportunities, like visa-free access to many countries. In a few words, a second passport is a must nowadays!

First of all, you will need some practical information to look at the opportunities and choose your second home. We invite you to take advantage of our knowledge base – a portal where you will find lots of articles on the second passport program in Antigua and Barbuda and other countries. We have a team of experts and a wide network of agents on-site who will help you obtain economic citizenship without much effort on your part.

If you are a person who likes doing everything by yourself, you may be a little disappointed to find out that you cannot apply for a citizenship-by-investment program on your own. You will need the services of an on-site specialist with a local license that authorizes him or her to work with potential citizens. The appropriate authorities that will process your documents do not work directly with foreign individuals, they will cooperate with your local representative who handles your case. We know that it sounds a little complicated. However, all you need to do is to follow the above link, contact our specialists, and they will help you.

Why Become a Citizen of Antigua and Barbuda?

Antigua and Barbuda is a small Caribbean island that offers a citizenship-by-investment program to sustain its economy. What are its unique features and benefits? Let’s take a look:

    • The documents for economic citizenship used to be processed much longer. However, the country modified its immigration law in 2013 and limited the period of consideration to 4-6 months. If everything goes as planned, you will get your passport in 4 months (from the date you submit a full package of documents), which is quite fast! 
  • Enjoy visa-free traveling! If you have an Antiguan passport, you will not need a visa to enter 150 countries (in some cases, you will simply need a visa on arrival, which is still convenient). The destinations include the Schengen states, the UK, Ireland, and some South American countries.
  • You will have dual citizenship. And if your country allows dual citizenship as well, you will not have to renounce your original passport and all the benefits connected with it: you will simply take advantage of the best opportunities offered by both countries.
  • No income tax. There is no need to pay income tax on your worldwide income in Antigua and Barbuda! However, there is one substantial requirement: you need to be the country’s tax resident, which means that you will have to live here for at least 183 days a year. Some of you will not take this opportunity, while others will be glad to spend half a year in a tropical paradise to relieve your tax burden.
  • Antigua and Barbuda is perfect for yachtsmen! You will find a lot of privately owned yachts and boats in Jolly Harbor, the main port of the country. Its territory is a place where you can take advantage of exquisite villas and golf courses – in short, everything you need for a luxurious life. And if you enjoy watching regattas, you will surely have an opportunity as they are held here on a regular basis.
  • Sea and air transport. Antigua and Barbuda is a hub that connects the Caribbean region with Europe and the North American continent thanks to its large airport. Its capital, St. John’s, is a major port that can accept several cruise ships at the same time.
  • Mandatory holiday in the Caribbean. Would you like to spend five days in a tropical paradise enjoying the beach, the sea, and all the entertainment you can get here? If you receive an economic passport, you have an obligation to take this Caribbean holiday and spend at least 5 days in the country every five years. Some people call it a disadvantage – until they try!
  • Excellent destination for vacation. The beaches in Antigua and Barbuda are just unforgettable – and if you want a secluded natural paradise, opt for Barbuda. If you enjoy snorkeling, diving, or swimming with stingrays, this is a place for you. Do you like fishing? You will also find something to do here!

If you need to contact a specialist at this stage and clarify some points, do not hesitate to follow the link above. We are online!

How Much Do I Need to Invest?

There are four investment options to choose from. Let’s look at them in more detail:

  • You can make a non-refundable donation to the National Development Fund: 100,000 US dollars if you apply alone or with up to 3 dependents (plus a state fee of 30,000 US dollars) and 130,000 US dollars for 4 dependents (the fourth and each subsequent dependent comes at a state fee of 15,000 US dollars).
  • Donate to the University of West Indies. This option is only available for large families (6 and more members). You will need to invest 150,000 US dollars for 6 family members and 15,000 US dollars for each additional one. 
  • Investment in real estate. You can invest 400,000 US dollars independently or 200,000 US dollars if you buy a property jointly with another applicant. The property you can purchase should be approved by the government and you can resell it in five years.
  • Investment in business. You can choose a project approved by the government to invest 1,500,000 US dollars or reduce this amount to 400,000 US dollars if you become a part of a collective investment project totaling 5,000,000 US dollars.

Need more details? Follow the above link to read the section about Antigua and Barbuda – or opt for another destination! We will help you choose the right jurisdiction for free – all you need to do is to visit our portal and book a one-on-one session. We will be happy to help you get more safety in your life!

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