Raksha Bandhan: When and How to Celebrate the Festival of Sibling Love

Raksha Bandhan is a popular and traditional Hindu festival that celebrates the bond of love and protection between brothers and sisters. It is also celebrated in other parts of the world significantly influenced by Hindu culture. On this day, sisters of all ages tie a talisman or amulet called the rakhi around the wrists of their brothers, symbolically protecting them, receiving a gift in return, and traditionally investing the brothers with a share of the responsibility of their potential care.

When is Raksha Bandhan 2023?

Raksha Bandhan is observed on the full moon day (Purnima) of the Hindu lunar month of Shravana, which typically falls in August. The date of Raksha Bandhan varies every year according to the lunar calendar. In 2023, Raksha Bandhan will be observed on Wednesday, August 30.

The auspicious time for tying rakhi on Raksha Bandhan 2023 is as follows:

  • Purnima Tithi Begins: 10:58 AM on August 30, 2023
  • Purnima Tithi Ends: 07:05 AM on August 31, 2023
  • Aparahna Time Raksha Bandhan Muhurat: 01:43 PM to 04:18 PM
  • Pradosh Time Raksha Bandhan Muhurat: 07:10 PM to 09:17 PM

It is best to tie rakhi during Aparahna time, so in case it is not available, Pradosh time is also suitable for the ceremony. However, it is advised to avoid Bhadra time as it is considered inauspicious for any sacred work.


Raksha Bandhan

How to Celebrate Raksha Bandhan 2023?

Raksha Bandhan is a festival of joy and happiness that brings siblings closer and strengthens their bond. The celebration of Raksha Bandhan involves the following rituals and customs:

  • Sisters prepare a thali or a plate with a diya or a lamp, roli or vermilion, rice grains, sweets, and rakhis.
  • Brothers sit in front of their sisters and sisters apply roli and rice on their foreheads as a mark of respect and blessing.
  • Sisters tie rakhis on their brothers’ wrists and pray for their long life, health, and prosperity.
  • Brothers give gifts to their sisters and promise to protect them from all evils and troubles.
  • Sisters feed sweets to their brothers and brothers feed sweets to their sisters as a sign of love and affection.
  • Siblings hug each other and exchange greetings and wishes.

Some siblings also perform aarti or a ritual of waving a lighted lamp in front of their brothers or sisters as a gesture of reverence and gratitude. Some siblings also visit temples or other places of worship to seek divine blessings for their relationship.

What are the Best Gifts for Raksha Bandhan 2023?

Raksha Bandhan is a festival of exchanging gifts and expressing love and gratitude to your siblings. There are many options for gifting your brother or sister on this special occasion, depending on their preferences and personalities. Here are some ideas for Raksha Bandhan gifts for 2023:

  • For your foodie sibling, you can gift them a festive dessert hamper, a gourmet hamper, or an assorted baklava box. You can also order online from various websites that offer delicious and customized treats for Raksha Bandhan.
  • For your beauty-loving sibling, you can gift them a skincare set, a haircare set, or a grooming kit from brands like Moroccanoil, Ras Luxury Oils, or Bombay Shaving Company. You can also choose from organic, natural, or vegan products that suit their skin type and preferences.
  • For your fashion-forward sibling, you can gift them a dress, a shirt, a bag, a watch, or a pair of shoes from their favorite brand or store. You can also opt for accessories like jewelry, sunglasses, belts, or scarves that match their style and taste.
  • For your home-decor enthusiast sibling, you can gift them a planter, a mug, a candle, a cushion cover, or a wall art that adds charm and beauty to their space. You can also go for personalized items like photo frames, coasters, or magnets that have their name or picture on them.
  • For your geeky sibling, you can gift them a fandom-based sweatshirt, journal, mug, or poster that features their favorite character or show. You can also choose from gadgets, books, games, or puzzles that challenge their mind and keep them entertained.

Raksha Bandhan


Raksha Bandhan is a festival that celebrates the bond of love and protection between brothers and sisters. It is a day to cherish the memories, share the joys, and express the gratitude for having a sibling in your life. It is also a day to exchange gifts and wishes that reflect your affection and care for each other. Raksha Bandhan 2023 will be celebrated on Wednesday, August 30, with the auspicious time for tying rakhi being between 01:43 PM to 04:18 PM and 07:10 PM to 09:17 PM. You can make this day more special by choosing a gift that suits your sibling’s personality and interests from our list of ideas. Happy Raksha Bandhan!

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