Nimbuspost: A Tech-Enabled Shipping Solution for Your eCommerce Business

eCommerce is booming in the 21st century, as more and more people prefer to shop online for convenience, variety, and affordability. However, running an eCommerce business is not easy. It involves many challenges and complexities, such as managing inventory, processing orders, handling payments, and most importantly, shipping products to customers.

Shipping is one of the most critical aspects of eCommerce, as it affects customer satisfaction, retention, and loyalty. Customers expect fast, reliable, and affordable delivery of their orders, and any delay, damage, or error can result in negative feedback, complaints, and refunds. Therefore, eCommerce businesses need to find a shipping solution that can meet their needs and expectations, as well as those of their customers.

What is Nimbuspost?

Nimbuspost is a tech-enabled shipping aggregator that offers comprehensive and customized logistics solutions for eCommerce businesses. It was founded in 2020 by a team of entrepreneurs who wanted to simplify and streamline the shipping process for online sellers. Nimbuspost leverages artificial intelligence, machine learning, automation, and a robust network of courier partners to provide end-to-end shipping services, such as:

  • Domestic shipping: Nimbuspost enables eCommerce businesses to ship their products across India, with 27+ leading delivery partners, such as Delhivery, FedEx, Blue Dart, Ecom Express, and more. It offers a single-window automated shipping platform, where sellers can compare carrier rates, generate shipping labels, track shipments, and manage returns, all from one dashboard. Nimbuspost also offers cloud-based NDR management, same-day COD remittance, and one-day delivery options.
  • Global shipping: Nimbuspost enables eCommerce businesses to expand their reach and sell their products across 196+ countries, with leading global couriers, such as DHL, UPS, Aramex, and more. It offers hassle-free cross-border trading, with door-to-door air cargo, port-to-port freight forwarding, and customs clearance services. Nimbuspost also offers real-time tracking, unified tracking number, and fastest delivery time.
  • Warehouse and fulfilment: Nimbuspost enables eCommerce businesses to store their inventory in fully-equipped warehouses across the world, and fulfil their orders faster and cheaper. It offers worldwide storage and fulfilment services, where sellers can store their products near their customers, and deliver them in one day. Nimbuspost also offers reduced RTO percentage, reduced shipping expenses, and maximum supply chain efficiency.

Nimbuspost also provides integration with various marketplaces, eCommerce channels, and payment gateways, such as Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, Razorpay, Paytm, and more. It also provides dedicated customer support, analytics and reports, and branded tracking experience for its users.

How does Nimbuspost ensure data security?

Nimbuspost is a tech-enabled shipping solution that takes data security seriously. According to the web search results, Nimbuspost ensures data security by using the following measures:

  • It uses artificial intelligence, advanced data security, and gateway firewalls to protect user data.
  • It uses industry-standard technologies, such as SSL encryption and PCI Data Security Standard, to transfer and receive data securely.
  • It does not store or handle credit card or debit card details, and only uses trusted payment gateway providers.
  • It acts as a data processor on behalf of its customers, who are data controllers, and follows the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) policy.
  • It cooperates with supervisory authorities and notifies any personal data breaches within 72 hours.

Why choose Nimbuspost?

Nimbuspost is not just another shipping aggregator. It is a tech-enabled shipping solution that offers many benefits and advantages for eCommerce businesses, such as:

  • Cost-effectiveness: Nimbuspost helps eCommerce businesses save up to 60% on their shipping costs, by offering the best and lowest rates from multiple courier partners. It also offers a pay-as-you-go model, where sellers only pay for the shipments they make, without any hidden charges or monthly fees.
  • Flexibility: Nimbuspost helps eCommerce businesses customize their shipping preferences, by offering multiple delivery options, such as standard, express, priority, and economy. It also offers multiple payment options, such as prepaid, COD, and postpaid.
  • Reliability: Nimbuspost helps eCommerce businesses ensure timely and safe delivery of their products, by offering high-quality and trusted courier partners, who have a proven track record of performance and delivery. It also offers insurance and compensation for any loss or damage of the shipments.
  • Scalability: Nimbuspost helps eCommerce businesses grow and scale their operations, by offering unlimited shipments, unlimited pin codes, and unlimited destinations. It also offers warehouse and fulfilment services, which enable sellers to store their inventory near their customers, and deliver them faster and cheaper.

How can I cancel my shipment with Nimbuspost?

According to the web search results, you can cancel your shipment with Nimbuspost by following these steps:

  • Log in to your Nimbuspost account on website or on app.
  • Go to the Orders section and select the shipment you want to cancel.
  • Click on the Cancel button and confirm your cancellation request.
  • You will receive a confirmation email and SMS from Nimbuspost about your cancellation.


Nimbuspost is a tech-enabled shipping solution that offers comprehensive and customized logistics solutions for eCommerce businesses. It offers domestic and global shipping, warehouse and fulfilment, and customs clearance services, with artificial intelligence, machine learning, automation, and a robust network of courier partners. It also offers cost-effectiveness, flexibility, reliability, and scalability, for eCommerce businesses of all sizes and niches.

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