RajkotUpdates.News: Do You Have to Pay Rs 89 per Month to Use Instagram?

In the era of social media, Instagram has become a popular platform for sharing photos, videos, and connecting with others. However, there have been recent rumors circulating about a potential monthly fee of Rs 89 for using Instagram. In this article, we will dive into the truth behind this claim and shed light on whether Instagram users in Rajkot or elsewhere are required to pay this alleged fee.

Understanding the Claim

The claim that Instagram now charges users a monthly fee of Rs 89 has caused a significant stir in the online community. Users are concerned about the implications this might have for their favorite photo-sharing platform. To address these concerns, we need to examine the source of the claim and its credibility.

Analyzing the Source

Upon investigating the origin of this claim, it becomes evident that there is no substantial evidence to support it. The website RajkotUpdates.News, where the claim was first reported, lacks credibility and is known for publishing misleading information. It is crucial to be cautious when encountering news from such sources and verify the information with reliable sources.

Instagram’s Revenue Model

To better understand the context, let’s take a look at Instagram’s revenue model. As of my knowledge cutoff in September 2021, Instagram primarily generates revenue through advertising. Businesses and influencers pay to promote their content on the platform, while regular users can use the platform for free. However, it’s worth noting that social media platforms often update their revenue models to adapt to changing market dynamics.

Instagram’s Official Statements

Instagram, being a part of Facebook, has denied the claim of charging users a monthly fee. The company has made official statements asserting that the platform will remain free for users to access and enjoy. Instagram’s revenue model relies on advertising and partnerships rather than direct charges to individual users. It is important to rely on official statements and verified sources when seeking accurate information about changes to social media platforms.

Rumors vs. Reality

In the case of the claim about Instagram charging a monthly fee, it is clear that it is merely a rumor with no factual basis. It is possible that the claim was started as a hoax or to generate traffic for the RajkotUpdates.News website. Regardless of the intentions, it is crucial for users to remain vigilant and rely on reputable sources for accurate information.


The claim that Instagram now requires users to pay a monthly fee of Rs 89 is unsubstantiated. Instagram’s revenue model is based on advertising, and the platform has officially denied any plans to charge individual users. It is essential to rely on credible sources and official statements from Instagram or its parent company, Facebook, to stay informed about any changes to the platform’s policies. As users, let’s remain cautious and critical of the information we come across online to ensure we have accurate knowledge about the services we use. Rest assured, Instagram continues to be a free platform for users in Rajkot and around the world to enjoy and connect with others.

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