RajkotUpdates.News: PUBG Developer Krafton Files Lawsuit Against Garena Free Fire

In a surprising turn of events, the renowned PUBG developer, Krafton, has recently filed a lawsuit against Garena Free Fire, a popular battle royale game. The legal battle between these two gaming giants has sent shockwaves through the gaming community. This article aims to shed light on the details of the lawsuit and its potential impact on the gaming industry.

Understanding the Lawsuit:

  1. The Origins of the Conflict: Since their respective launches, PUBG and Garena Free Fire have competed fiercely for dominance in the battle royale genre. Both games have amassed millions of loyal players worldwide. However, tensions escalated when Krafton accused Garena Free Fire of infringing upon its intellectual property rights. The lawsuit alleges that certain elements within Free Fire bear striking resemblances to PUBG’s distinctive features, including gameplay mechanics, character designs, and even map layouts.
  2. The Alleged Intellectual Property Infringement: Krafton’s lawsuit focuses on protecting the creative work and innovations that have made PUBG a global sensation. The company claims that Garena Free Fire has copied key aspects of PUBG’s gameplay, such as the parachuting and looting mechanics, as well as the iconic “winner winner, chicken dinner” catchphrase. Additionally, Krafton argues that character designs in Free Fire bear close resemblance to PUBG’s avatars, potentially confusing players and diluting the PUBG brand.
  3. The Impact on the Gaming Industry: The outcome of this lawsuit could set a significant precedent for the gaming industry. Intellectual property rights play a crucial role in fostering innovation and ensuring fair competition. If Krafton succeeds in proving its case, it could potentially pave the way for stricter enforcement of intellectual property laws in the gaming realm. Developers would need to be more cautious about creating original content and avoid infringing upon established titles, leading to a more diverse and innovative gaming landscape.
  4. Potential Consequences for Garena Free Fire: If the court rules in favor of Krafton, Garena Free Fire may be required to pay substantial damages to compensate for the alleged infringement. Moreover, the game might be subjected to modifications or even removal of the contentious elements to avoid further violations. Such outcomes could hamper Garena Free Fire’s growth and force the developers to reconsider their design choices, potentially impacting their player base and revenue.
  5. The Response from Garena Free Fire: In response to the lawsuit, Garena Free Fire has expressed surprise and denied any intentional infringement of PUBG’s intellectual property. The company claims that its game has unique features and mechanics, which are distinct from PUBG. Garena Free Fire intends to vigorously defend its position and prove that it has not violated any copyright laws.


The legal battle between Krafton and Garena Free Fire has thrust the issue of intellectual property infringement in the gaming industry into the spotlight. As the case unfolds, the outcome could have far-reaching consequences, not only for the two companies involved but for the industry as a whole. The lawsuit underscores the importance of originality and respecting intellectual property rights. Only time will tell how the court proceedings will unfold and what impact they will have on future game development.

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