Need an accident lawyer in Homestead? Don’t miss these negative traits

Unlike many other states, Florida follows a no-fault system for auto accidents. If you were hurt in a car mishap in Homestead, you would file a first-party claim with your insurer to recover financial compensation to cover medical bills and lost income. However, in some cases, you could step out of that rule and sue the driver who has caused the accident, especially if you have sustained severe injuries. Let’s start by stating that hiring an accident lawyer is not mandatory, but when money and your future are at stake, it is best to avoid risks. In this post, we are sharing traits that an attorney is NOT right for you.

They take too long to respond or meet you

Lawyers know the value of time after a traffic mishap. If they don’t act fast enough, evidence can go missing, while on the other hand, witnesses may refuse to give testimonies or may forget critical details. If you called a local law firm but didn’t get a response within two days, start looking for other options. You want an attorney who can at least evaluate the case on priority.

They are quick to promise a settlement

Even with years of experience, a personal injury lawyer cannot guarantee anything. If you meet an attorney who is okay with lying or using facts differently to get you a settlement or promises an outcome, do not trust them. While qualified lawyers can turn things effectively through their work and skills, they don’t have control over external factors.

They don’t listen

While lawyers are not expected to counsel clients, they should have compassion and empathy. If you meet an accident attorney who has no time to talk about your questions or educate you on the critical aspects of state laws, you need to find someone else. Always choose someone who will prioritize your concerns.

They are demanding a fee

Family and criminal law firms usually have a retainer fee and often bill clients hourly. However, that’s not the norm for injury lawyers who are interested in the financial outcome. An attorney should not demand a fee until you win, and if you are being asked to pay a fee to get a case assessment, look away immediately. Your lawyer, however, should explain the expected expenses and the contingency fee structure.

Find a lawyer when you are hurt in a crash in Homestead to get a free consultation session.

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