Bus Accident Attorneys Answer the Top 6 Concerns Victims Have

Being involved in a bus accident is not something that should be taken lightly. Victims have to deal with injuries and damages, and this might raise several concerns in their hearts. Even after they hire a bus accident attorney to file a damage claim, these concerns need to be addressed to calm their hearts. Therefore, in this article, we’ve compiled answers from bus accident attorneys that address the top six concerns that victims have. 

How Can I Prove Who the Liable Party is?

The liable party is the one who pays for the damages; as such, this concern is very valid. However, proving who is responsible can be somewhat challenging without the help of a bus accident attorney. When you hire this lawyer, they will carry out a detailed investigation. 

They will get the police report analysis, witness interviews, and examine the accident scene. These pieces of information will then be put together to develop reliable proof that can be admissible in court. With a reliable bus accident attorney, you can rest assured that the liable parties will be made to live up to their responsibilities. 

Who Pays for My Injuries?

Individuals with personal injury insurance can easily turn to this cover to pay for their medical bills and even lost earnings. If you lack this type of insurance, the liable party becomes responsible. In other words, whoever caused the bus accident will pay for your treatment.

So, if the driver of the bus is the liable party, the driver or their employer will cover your medical expenses. On the other hand, if you were just on the bus and the accident was caused by another driver, that driver’s insurance or personal funds will pay for your injuries. Click here to learn more about how car insurance works. Generally, whoever is responsible pays the bill. 

Can I Sue a Government-Owned Bus?

If the bus that caused the accident is owned by the government, you can still file a claim for damages. However, without the help of an experienced attorney, you might not win the case. Only an experienced attorney can navigate the complexities of such a case. 

How Can I Get Compensation for My Child Who Sustained Injuries on Their School Bus?

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This case is similar to that of a government-owned bus in terms of its complexity. First of all, you’ll need to determine who has ownership of the vehicle. If it belongs to the school district (this is usually the norm), the compensation you get depends on the district’s financial stability. On the other hand, if it belongs to a private organization, then you can file a claim against the organization that hired the driver responsible for the accident. Your lawyer will have to establish that the driver acted recklessly and caused the accident. 

Why Do I Have to Wait Before Filing an Insurance Claim?

Insurance companies usually try to kick off the claim process immediately after they know you got involved in an accident. However, doing so might cause you to miss out on securing commensurate compensation. You need to determine the extent of injuries you suffered and the damage to your car if you were driving before making the claim. The period of waiting allows you to do a proper assessment and get adequate compensation. 

What is the Cost of Hiring a Bus Accident Attorney?

One reason why some people do not file damages claims after a bus accident is because they are concerned about the money the lawyer will charge them. Most people don’t know that these attorneys charge contingent fees. You can read this to find out more about this fee. What this means is that they only get paid when they win the case. 

So, they get a percentage of the amount you’re paid as damages in court. Therefore, you don’t owe them if they lose the case. However, you’ll have to pay for other legal costs, such as expert witness fees, court documentation fees, court fees, etc.

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