Who is ff 07 gamer 75 and why you should follow him

If you are a fan of free fire, a popular battle royale game, you might have heard of ff 07 gamer, a gaming content creator with over 5 million subscribers on YouTube. But do you know about his biggest fan, ff 07 gamer 75, who has his own YouTube channel and website? In this blog post, we will introduce you to ff 07 gamer 75, his background, his videos, and his redeem codes. Read on to find out more about this rising star in the gaming community.

Background of ff 07 gamer 75

ff 07 gamer 75 is the online alias of Anmol, a young gamer from Shamli, a city in Uttar Pradesh, India. He started his YouTube channel in December 2022, inspired by his idol, ff 07 gamer. He is also a student and a part-time blogger, who runs a website called, where he posts about gaming tips and tricks, app reviews, and online earning apps.

Anmol is passionate about free fire and loves to share his gameplay, reactions, and commentary with his audience. He also gives redeem codes to other players, which can be used to get free items and rewards in the game. He has over 176K subscribers on YouTube and over 10K followers on Instagram.

Videos of ff 07 gamer 75

ff 07 gamer 75 uploads videos regularly on his YouTube channel, covering various aspects of free fire. Some of his popular videos are:

  • How to get free diamonds in free fire: In this video, Anmol shows how to get free diamonds in free fire using a simple trick. He claims that he got 10,000 diamonds in just 10 minutes using this method. He also gives a redeem code at the end of the video for his viewers.
  • Best settings for free fire: In this video, Anmol shares his best settings for free fire, including sensitivity, graphics, controls, and sound. He explains how these settings can improve your performance and gameplay in free fire. He also shows some gameplay clips to demonstrate his skills.
  • Free fire live stream with ff 07 gamer: In this video, Anmol does a live stream with his idol, ff 07 gamer, and plays free fire with him. He expresses his excitement and gratitude for getting this opportunity. He also interacts with his fans and answers their questions.

Redeem codes of ff 07 gamer 75

One of the most attractive features of ff 07 gamer 75’s channel is his redeem codes, which he gives away to his subscribers and followers. Redeem codes are codes that can be entered in the game to get free items and rewards, such as skins, characters, weapons, and diamonds. Redeem codes are usually limited and expire after a certain time, so you have to be quick to use them.

ff 07 gamer 75 gets his redeem codes from various sources, such as official events, collaborations, sponsors, and giveaways. He posts his redeem codes on his YouTube videos, Instagram stories, and website. Some of his recent redeem codes are:

  • FF07GAMER75: This code gives you 500 diamonds and a legendary gun skin.
  • FF07GAMER75BD: This code gives you a Bangladesh flag and a character bundle.
  • FF07GAMER75FF: This code gives you a free fire pass and a pet.

To use these codes, you have to go to the official website of free fire, log in with your account, and enter the code in the redeem section. You will get a confirmation message and the items will be added to your inventory.


ff 07 gamer 75 is a rising gaming content creator who is a fan of ff 07 gamer, a popular free fire player. He uploads videos on his YouTube channel and website, where he shares his gameplay, reactions, tips and tricks, and redeem codes. He has a loyal fan base who support him and enjoy his content. If you are looking for a new and entertaining gaming channel to follow, you should check out ff 07 gamer 75 and subscribe to him. You might also get some free items and rewards from his redeem codes.

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