Best Controllers for PS5 in 2024

When it comes to enhancing your PlayStation 5 gaming experience, choosing the right controller is key. As 2024 sees a range of options, from official Sony products to innovative third-party designs, understanding the features and benefits of each can significantly impact your gameplay. Here’s a guide to the best PS5 controllers available this year, offering everything from advanced customization to improved ergonomics. Additionally, consider integrating a VPN with your PS5 to unlock regional content and protect your online gaming sessions from potential intrusions. A PS5 VPN can provide smoother connections to distant servers, potentially reducing lag and improving your overall online gaming experience.

Sony DualSense – The Classic Choice

The Sony DualSense remains a top pick for most PS5 users. Known for its revolutionary adaptive triggers and haptic feedback, it provides an immersive gaming experience that can simulate real-world actions like the tension of pulling an arrow or the resistance of driving on rough terrain. Despite its short battery life, the DualSense’s ergonomic design and feature set make it a solid choice for casual and hardcore gamers.

Sony DualSense Edge – For the Pros

Stepping up the game, the Sony DualSense Edge is designed for gamers looking for professional-grade customization. It builds on the classic DualSense by adding customizable controls, such as interchangeable stick caps and removable buttons. This controller is particularly appealing to competitive gamers who need quick access to specific functions without sacrificing the immersive features Sony controllers are known for. However, the Edge is priced significantly higher than the standard DualSense. It has a shorter battery life, making it a premium investment.

Victrix Pro BFG – Ultimate Customization

The Victrix Pro BFG stands out among those prioritizing customization and competitive gameplay. This controller offers a modular design, allowing players to rearrange its layout to suit their gaming style. It includes swapping out the traditional D-pad for a fight pad module. The Victrix Pro BFG does lack the haptic feedback and adaptive triggers found in Sony’s offerings but makes up for it with its focus on esports performance. Its battery life is impressive, boasting up to 20 hours of playtime.

Razer Wolverine V2 Pro – Best Battery Life

The Razer Wolverine V2 Pro shines when it comes to battery performance. It can last up to 28 hours on a single charge, surpassing other models on the market. While it does not feature Sony’s bespoke adaptive triggers or haptic feedback, it offers ergonomics and durability with its sturdy build and responsive buttons. This makes it a great option for long gaming sessions and players who value longevity over sensory feedback.

Scuf Reflex Pro – For the Customization Enthusiasts

The Scuf Reflex Pro offers a similar design to the DualSense but includes additional back paddles and extensive customization options. While it is less expensive than the DualSense Edge, it still carries a premium price tag. This controller is ideal for players who want a personalized gaming experience with high-quality build and design flexibility.

Nacon Revolution 5 Pro – Best for Avoiding Stick Drift

Nacon’s Revolution 5 Pro addresses one of the most common issues with game controllers: stick drift. This controller offers a more reliable performance over time by incorporating Hall effect sensors in its analog sticks. Its design includes customizable back buttons and trigger locks, though, like the Victrix, it lacks Sony’s immersive feedback features.

Choosing Your Controller

Selecting the best PS5 controller depends largely on what you value most in your gaming sessions—whether it’s the immersive experience offered by Sony’s haptic feedback, the customization potential for competitive play, or the reliability and battery life for extended gaming marathons. Each controller mentioned here caters to different needs and budgets, ensuring every gamer can find something that fits their play style perfectly.

As new technologies and models emerge, these controllers represent the best 2024 offers, combining innovation with user-focused features to enhance your PlayStation 5 gaming experience.

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