A Comparison Of Villas And Townhouses In Dubai

Dubai as a real estate hub, offers a bundle of properties to the residents whether they are local emirates or foreigners. Its residential properties are the epitome of an ultra-luxurious lifestyle, match high standards and elite-class living, and are surrounded by state-of-the-art facilities. 

Dubai is known as the most advanced and modern city in the world, so the residential properties designed by reputed developers have unique architectural designs and high-quality construction materials, and the implementation of the technology is the most advanced feature of these properties. 

Residential properties in Dubai have all the facilities and standards a man can expect for a comfortable, easy, and elite-class life. These are a few reasons that attract homebuyers or investors to buy a home in Dubai. The demand for residential properties is rising due to the increasing population in Dubai and ultra-luxurious lifestyle with top-notch facilities. 

Despite the increasing demand for residential properties, Dubai has tons of various properties for homebuyers or investors. These properties include flats, apartments, penthouses, villas, and townhouses. Each property has specifications and unique features that set it apart from others. 

Each property suits the residents according to their needs, personal preferences, priorities, family size, and financial condition. Sometimes, it becomes confusing for the resident to decide which property is most suitable for him, especially the confusion between villas and townhouses because there is a slight difference in both of these properties. 

In this article, we will compare both types of properties including townhouses and villas, highlight their unique features, and discuss how these properties differentiate from each other. After reading this comprehensive guideline, you can make an informed decision about whether a villa is the best option for you or a townhouse. 

Difference Between Villa And Townhouse

Townhouses In Dubai 

Townhouses in Dubai are residential units different from villas in the sense that these units share the wall, are larger than apartments, and are sometimes mixed up with villas. Although townhouses are also large spacious houses with exceptional facilities these units cover a smaller area than villas. Townhouses are the epitome of superior interiors, state-of-the-art infrastructure, unique architecture, and exteriors. 

Unique Features of Townhouses in Dubai 

  • Spacious home larger than apartment 
  • Share the wall among the same units in a community 
  • Family-friendly communities 
  • High-end facilities 
  • Private swimming pools 
  • 4-6 bedrooms
  • Secured communities with more privacy 

The Price Range For Townhouses In Dubai 

  • The average sale price for a 3-bedroom townhouse is AED 2,054,000 
  • The average sale price for a 4-bedroom townhouse is AED 3,080,000 
  • The average rental price for a 3-bedroom townhouse is AED 137,000
  • The average rental price for a 4-bedroom townhouse is AED 256,000

Best Townhouse Communities In Dubai

  • Verdena, Dubai Investment 
  • DAMAC Hills 2
  • Jumeirah Village Circle 
  • Dubailand 
  • Mudon 
  • Dubai South 
  • Jumeirah Golf Estate
  • Town Square 
  • Arabian Ranches 
  • Cavalli Estate 

Villas In Dubai

Villa is a standalone residential property in Dubai. It is an ideal option for residents who prefer privacy and an independent lifestyle. Most villas in Dubai have enough space that they have private state-of-the-art facilities within the property such as a swimming pool, parking space, a gymnasium, garden, backyard, BBQ area, a jacuzzi, a theater or cinematic area, and many more. 

Villas are more popular among local emirates or residents who have long-term residency plans in Dubai. Villas offer more space and are more expensive compared to other properties such as townhouses and apartments. 

Unique Features Of Villas In Dubai

  • Large spacious area
  • Preferred by large families
  • 3-,7-bedrooms with living area
  • Access to the private beach 
  • Private swimming pool
  • Private Garden
  • Separate space for Gym 
  • BBQ area
  • The best type of property to maintain privacy  
  • Communities are surrounded by state of art amenities at your doorstep 

The Price Range For Villas In Dubai

  • The starting average price for the spacious residential unit – Villa in Dubai is AED 1.7 M. 
  • The renting price for a villa in Dubai starts from AED 150,000 to AED 775,000. 

Best Areas In Dubai For Villas

The best villa communities in Dubai are:

  • Dubai Hills Emirates 
  • Arabian Ranches 
  • Palm Jumeirah 
  • Al Furjan 
  • Damac Hills
  • Damac Lagoons
  • Dubai Marina 
  • Al Barari 
  • Midriff 
  • Jumeirah Village Circle 

A Comparison Of Townhouses And Villas 

A townhouse is a multi-floor residential property with an emphasis on terrace living and has a shared wall. On the other hand, a villa is a standalone residential property with more space and private amenities. The main difference between both properties is that the townhouse has a covered area and a small entrance and the villa is a spacious property with a wider entrance. Additionally, the townhouse shares one or more walls with other townhouses, and the villa is a standalone. 

Both properties are the epitome of a luxurious and imported lifestyle. Many gated communities developed by reputed real estate development companies have bundles of options for villas and townhouses available for sale and rent. 

Here are some considerations when deciding between villas and townhouses:

Maintenance Cost

Townhouses are smaller compared to villas. So, the cost of maintaining the townhouse is greater than the cost of maintaining the villa. Villa properties offer private facilities such as a swimming pool, parking area, and outdoor spaces, residents of the villas have also the responsibility of maintaining these facilities. That‘s the reason why the cost of maintaining villas is higher than townhouses.

The Rental And Buying Price

In Dubai, the rental and buying prices of villas are higher than townhouses’ prices. For some buyers with a defined budget, it is not possible to afford standalone villas due to cost factors. Villa is more popular among elite-class residents in Dubai. 


For families who prefer privacy and an independent lifestyle, where they can enjoy their private facilities without sharing with others and do not like the interference of others in their lives, a villa is the best property to choose. Villas give you more privacy than townhouses. In townhouses, the residents have shared walls with other properties and they have shared facilities like parking spaces and swimming pools. 

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