How to Choose the Right Sports Bra for Women?

Working out can be fun but you have to maintain your posture to get the right results. For instance, when women work out, they have to ensure that their breasts are fully supported. For this reason, we are talking about sports bra because a right-fitted bra will support your workouts as well as keep the breast shape and size intact. 

So, if you want to shop, we are sharing some tips with you!

Understand Support Levels

Sports bras come in different amounts of support to fit different activities and bust sizes. Cosmolle has activewear bodysuit available with a bra designed into it. However, you will have to think about the support level because all bras have a different level. 

  • Low Impact: Great for walks, yoga, and Pilates. Provides light support and a good fit.
  • Medium-Impact: Good for riding, running, or aerobics. Gives a tight fit and manages bounce.
  • High-Impact: Great for high-intensity workouts like boxing, jumping jacks, and HIIT. Offers the most support and the least amount of shaking.

The Band Size

For proper support, a tight band is a must. When you wear a bra, measure around your rib cage, right under your bust. Let out a breath while you measure. If your measurement is between sizes, round it up to the next even number. If you need help measuring the band size of best wireless bra, you can also take assistance from Cosmolle. 

Cup Coverage

Cups should cover all of your breasts and not leak or leave gaps. There are different amounts of coverage for each style. Think about what you like and how active you are. In fact, Cosmolle has some bras available with removable cups, which is an amazing added benefit. 

Comfort and Adjustability of the Strap

Straps should be supportive and able to be adjusted so that the weight is spread out properly across your shoulders. For sports with a lot of contact, look for straps that are wider.


To stay cool and dry during workouts, choose fabrics that let air flow and move moisture away from the body, like polyester or nylon mixes. Some materials may have extra benefits, like the ability to block smells or kill germs. Cosmolle is using the nylon, spandex, and recycled polyester materials to make sure you are comfortable. Also, they absorb moisture, so no bad smells either. 

Before You Buy, Try It On

If you can, try on a sports bra before you buy it. Look for a fit that is tight but not too tight. Bounce test to make sure there isn’t much movement. Check to see if the band rides up by lifting your arms above your head. In addition, you can also check if it goes with your best yoga leggings or not.

The Bottom Line

On a concluding note, wearing a sports bra is an amazing experience because it promises comfort. However, choosing the right size and fitting is important to achieve a good look. We have tried to share the best ways with you. Also, if you need to get started with the shopping, Cosmolle won’t disappoint you. 

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