Zyn Rewards: How to Earn and Redeem Points for Zyn Nicotine Pouches

Zyn Rewards is a loyalty program that allows you to earn and redeem points for Zyn nicotine pouches, a smoke-free and spit-free alternative to tobacco. Zyn nicotine pouches come in various flavors and strengths, and can be used discreetly anywhere. Zyn Rewards lets you enjoy Zyn nicotine pouches while saving money and getting access to exclusive offers and prizes.

What Is Zyn Rewards?

Zyn Rewards is a loyalty program that was launched in 2018 by Zyn, a brand of nicotine pouches developed by Swedish Match. The program is available for adults 21+ who currently use tobacco or nicotine in the United States.

Zyn Rewards allows you to earn and redeem points for Zyn nicotine pouches, which are small pouches that contain nicotine, flavoring, and plant-based materials. You can place a pouch under your upper lip and enjoy a satisfying nicotine experience without any smoke or spit. Zyn nicotine pouches are available in different flavors, such as mint, citrus, coffee, etc., and different strengths, such as 3 mg or 6 mg of nicotine per pouch.

How to Join and Use Zyn Rewards?

Joining and using Zyn Rewards is easy and simple. Here are the steps to follow:

  • To join Zyn Rewards, you need to visit the official website at and register your account using your email address and password. You will also need to verify your age by providing your date of birth and the last four digits of your social security number.
  • To use Zyn Rewards, you need to buy eligible cans of Zyn nicotine pouches that have a QR code on the bottom. You can find Zyn nicotine pouches at various retail stores or online shops.
  • To earn points, you need to scan the QR code on the bottom of each can using your phone’s camera or a QR code scanner app. You can also enter the code manually on the website. You will receive 25 points for each can that you scan or enter. You can earn up to 1,500 points per month.
  • To redeem points, you need to visit the online store on the website and browse through the various rewards that are available. You can choose from different categories, such as gift cards, apparel, accessories, electronics, etc. You can also see the number of points that are required for each reward. You can redeem up to 10 rewards per month.

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What Are the Benefits and Features of Zyn Rewards?

Zyn Rewards has many benefits and features that make it appealing and rewarding for Zyn nicotine pouch users. Some of them are:

  • Savings: Zyn Rewards allows you to save money by earning points that you can use to get free or discounted Zyn nicotine pouches or other rewards. You can also get special offers and coupons that can lower the price of Zyn nicotine pouches or other products.
  • Variety: Zyn Rewards offers a wide range of rewards that you can choose from according to your preferences and interests. You can find rewards that suit your lifestyle, hobbies, tastes, etc. You can also find rewards that are exclusive or limited edition that you cannot find elsewhere.
  • Convenience: Zyn Rewards is a convenient program that you can access anytime and anywhere using your phone or computer. You do not need to carry any cards or receipts to earn or redeem points. You also do not need to wait for long delivery times or pay any shipping fees for your rewards.
  • Feedback: Zyn Rewards enables you to give feedback or suggestions about the program or the products. You can also participate in surveys or polls that can help improve the program or the products. You can also contact the customer service team if you have any questions or issues with your account or rewards.

What Are Some Tips and Tricks to Enjoy Zyn Rewards More?

Zyn Rewards is a loyalty program that you can enjoy more by following some tips and tricks. Some of them are:

  • Use the filters: You can use the filters on the website to sort the rewards by date, popularity, relevance, etc. You can also use the filters to search for specific keywords or categories in the rewards.
  • Use the bookmarks: You can use the bookmarks on the website to save your favorite rewards or codes for quick access. You can also edit or delete your bookmarks as per your choice.
  • Use the share button: You can use the share button on the website to share your rewards or codes with your friends or family via email, social media, messaging apps, etc.


Zyn Rewards is a loyalty program that allows you to earn and redeem points for Zyn nicotine pouches, a smoke-free and spit-free alternative to tobacco. You can use Zyn Rewards to get free cans of Zyn, gift cards, merchandise, and more. You can also use Zyn Rewards to access exclusive offers, events, and content.

Zyn Rewards is a free and easy way to earn and redeem points for Zyn nicotine pouches that has many benefits and features, such as free, easy, generous, fun, etc.

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