Types Of Layered Hairstyles For Women

Layered haircuts boost volume and flow by removing excess bulk. Short, choppy layers blended into mid to long lengths encourage gorgeous texture, create bounce, and make hair easier to style. 

If you already have layers or want to get them cut in, check out these chic inspirations showcasing beautiful styles of layered hair for short, medium-length, and long hair this season.

  • Chin Length Layered Bob

Chin-length bobs gain incredible movement layered to remove bulk. Stacked short fringe pieces blended behind ears encourage outward flow below for swing.

  • Shoulder Length Layers

Ask your stylist for long layers cut to cascade from mid-shaft down through ends. This creates fluid dimensionality from mid-lengths through bottom tips.

  • Shaggy Layers

Go bold with shaggy layers featuring heavily stacked fringe pieces trimmed to various shorter lengths. The contrast creates a delightful, uneven texture.

  • Wispy Bangs

Softer eye-grazing bangs expertly wisped work wonderfully to tenderly frame eyes without dominating petite facial features on oval and heart-shaped faces.  

  • Asymmetrical Layers

Make essential layered hair sassier by cutting it long and asymmetrical to sweep heavier across foreheads for added polish and youthful fun. 


  • Piecey Layers

Inject intrigue into medium-length cuts with texturized piecey layers piled vertically on top for incredible volume. Embrace intentionally messy styled texture.  

  • Angled Layers

Flatter both round and slim face shapes requesting angled layers cut longer through the front and sides to brilliantly accent eyes, cheeks and smiles, framing them beautifully. 

  • Wavy Layers

Enhance layers with soft tousled waves for dreamy, whimsical texture and shine. Embrace natural, imperfect spirals, leaving ends slightly undone intentionally throughout mid-lengths.

  • Windblown Layers

Play up medium-length layers, adding volume and movement, brushing them away from the face. 

  • Curly Layers

Highlight fabulously tight curls with blunt curly layers to spring out uniformly. Using your hands, twist coils into place with gel, allowing them to dry for touchable defined ringlets.

  • Bouncy Layers

Energize flat, lifeless hair instantaneously with precise shortcut layers stacked to encourage envious outward bounce right from roots. Say goodbye to ho-hum hair forever.

  • Textured Layers

Rugged short textured layers emphasize texture and deemphasize thickness, creating desirable separation. Rough up ends alongside mid-lengths with sea salt finishing sprays. 

  • Feathered Layers

Channel beautiful retro ‘70s vibes wearing longer feathered layers blown gorgeously to frame smiling faces, softening jawlines and playing sweetly off shoulders seductively. 


  • Air Dry Layers

Cut precisely to embrace natural waves; air-dried layers encourage raw texture separating while drying into imperfect patterns for carefree style and volume.   

  • Defined Layers

Gain polish and flow by shaping mid-length defined layers curled gently away from the face, flowing down back like waterfalls. Twist sections cleanly with a curling iron. 

  • Long Side Swept Layers

Flatter both round and oval face shapes by cutting longer side swept layers, worn effortlessly flowing heavily over one shoulder, elegantly leaving the other exposed beautifully. 

  • Smooth Layers

Make basic layered cuts appear deceptively simple and fuss-free, smoothing them accurately straight back away from smiling faces with a paddle brush. 

  • Shaggy Choppy Layers

Embrace texture and dimension with shorter, shaggy, choppy layers sliced to intentionally enhance natural waves and curls of medium-length cuts growing out with delightful surfer lady style.   

  • Side Parted Layers

Flaunt naturally textured waves and curls, wearing lengthy layers pushed casually to one side, exposing pretty face structures along opposite sides playfully. Amplify volume on heavier sides.

  • Short Stacked Layers

Play up thicker hair textures beautifully, forming stacked precision short layers all overheads to encourage heavily layered fullness while eliminating unwanted bottom bulk, instantly making top and mid-sections shine dimensionally.  

  • Bardot Layers

Try wearing extra voluminous, bouncy, blown lon, ger layers loosely tousled for seductive volume, drawing attention to smiling eyes perfectly. What a carefree, fun style.

  • Side Swept Layers

Soften features on rectangle- and heart-shaped heart-shaped faces by cutting sides shorter and sweeping longer bangs onto one heavier side to sweetly expose smile lines. Shake things up differently daily depending on outfits and occasions.

  • Blunt Layers

Maintain polish, keeping layered ends cut intentionally blunt and precise for order among randomness. Contrast messy unevenness up top with strict symmetry lines slicing horizontally across mid to bottom tips bluntly.

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