Mastering Odds in Cricket Sports Betting

Have you ever witnessed a tensive cricket match where the underdog defied all odds and emerged victorious? Surprising right? Yeah. Well, these surprises can be a source of opportunity for enthusiasts who understand the language of odds.

Now, here’s the thing: winning bets isn’t just about guessing or a game of luck. It’s about understanding the odds of the sport. Odds are those numbers you see next to each team or outcome, telling you the probability of them winning. 

This article is a complete guide on mastering odds in cricket sports betting. Keep reading to learn how to make informed bets, and use your cricket knowledge to win on top betting platforms like

Understanding the Basics of Cricket Betting Odds

Odds are the foundation of cricket betting, reflecting the bookmaker’s (betting site) assessment of an outcome’s likelihood. Before you place your bet, it’s vital to understand the language of cricket betting formats. Don’t worry, these aren’t complex codes-they are just different ways bookmakers show you how much you could win. Here’s a breakdown of the three most common formats:

1. Decimal Odd

Let’s refer to this format as a “total return multiplier.” The number you see next to the team reflects the total amount you’d get if your bet wins, plus your original stake. For instance, if you think India is a strong contender and see odds of 2.20 for them to win. If you bet ₹100, that means you could win 2.20 times your stake. So, a  ₹100 bet at 2.20 odds would return  ₹220 (  ₹100 +  ₹120 profit).

A Simple Table:

StakeDecimal OddsTotal Return Profit
₹1002.20 ₹220 ₹120
₹5001.50 ₹750 ₹250

2. Fractional Odds:

This format expresses your potential profit relative to your stake and is written as a fraction (X/Y).  For instance, odds of 3/1 mean for every ₹1 you stake, you could win ₹3 profit. Let’s assume you think a young new batsman has a chance to shine and see odds of 9/2 for them to be the highest run scorer. If you bet ₹60, you could potentially win ₹270 profit (₹60 * 4.5= ₹270) along with your ₹60 stake for a total return of ₹330.

A Simple Table

StakeFractional oddsTotal Return Profit
₹1003/1 ₹400 ₹300
₹5004/2 ₹1500 ₹1000

3. American Odds:

American odds are either positive or negative(+/-) and they show how much you need to bet to win ₹100 bets or how much you’ll win on a ₹100 bet. This format is less common in cricket sports betting, it is mostly used in Basketball, Football, Tennis, Volleyball, etc. However, you might still encounter it. Here’s a quick breakdown:

  • Positive (+) Odds: These indicate the potential profit on a ₹100  wager. So, odds of +200 mean a winning ₹100 bet would return ₹200 profit (total return of ₹300).
  • Negative (-) Odds: These show the amount you need to bet to win ₹100. Odds of -150 mean you must bet ₹150 to win ₹100 profit (total return of ₹250).

That’s it! You now know the different formats used in sports betting. However, regardless of the format, higher odds usually indicate a less likely outcome but with a potentially bigger payout. So, if you guess right, the reward is sweeter! Conversely, lower odds mean a team is favored to win, so the payout won’t be huge. 

Why Comparing Odds is Crucial in Sports & Cricket Bet

Just like you compare prices when you go shopping, it is vital to compare sports betting odds too. Let’s assume you are shopping for a running shoe, and it costs ₹50 at one shop and ₹30 at another. Which one would you choose? The answer’s obvious, right?

The same logic applies to cricket betting! Odds are like prices in a shop, and it pays to shop around. Here’s why comparing odds across different bookmakers is crucial:

Maximizes Your Profit

Sports betting sites (bookmakers) don’t offer the same odds. By comparing odds across betting platforms, you can find the one with the most favorable odds for your chosen bet. This means potentially getting a bit more profit if your prediction hits the mark!

Uncovers Value Bets

Value betting involves finding bets where the stated probability (calculated from the odds) differs from your own analysis of the actual likelihood of the game. In simpler terms, it’s about spotting situations where the bookmaker underestimates one team or player, offering higher odds than they “should” be. Comparing odds helps you identify these situations. If one betting platform offers significantly higher odds than others for a specific outcome you believe is likely, it might be a valuable opportunity for you!

Finding Reputable Bookmakers

Comparing odds lets you assess the bookmaker itself. Betting on reputable and licensed platforms like Odds96 is essential for secure transactions, fair gameplay, and timely payouts. By checking their odds, licensing, and user reviews, you can make informed choices about where to place your bets.

So whether you want to bet on cricket, esports games, live casino online games, or other sports, compare odds across various betting platforms. 

The Best Places to Bet on Cricket (and Other Sports) in India

Are you searching for a reputable platform to tow the sports betting line in India? Look no further than, a reputable Indian betting platform famous for high odds and diverse markets. They offer cricket betting and a wide selection of casino games, from live casino online to classic game slots.  

Odds96 site offers competitive odds on every match, from the Indian Premier League (IPL) to international test cricket. With a secure platform and a user-friendly interface, is a great option for cricket bettors irrespective of their expertise. 

Remember, betting on sports should be fun! Set a budget and only wager what you can comfortably afford to lose. So, explore the world of sports betting and casino online games: Bet with your head, not your heart, and enjoy the thrill of the game! 

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