TTU Blackboard: A Guide for Students and Instructors

TTU Blackboard is the online learning management system (LMS) used by Texas Tech University (TTU) to deliver courses, assignments, quizzes, and other educational materials to students and instructors. Whether you are taking an online, hybrid, or face-to-face course, you will likely need to access TTU Blackboard to complete your coursework and communicate with your instructors and classmates.

What is TTU Blackboard?

TTU Blackboard is a web-based platform that allows instructors to create and manage online courses, and students to access and participate in them. TTU Blackboard offers various features and tools, such as:

  • Course content: Instructors can upload and organize course materials, such as syllabus, lectures, readings, videos, etc., for students to view and download.
  • Assignments: Instructors can create and grade assignments, such as essays, projects, reports, etc., and students can submit them online.
  • Quizzes and exams: Instructors can create and administer quizzes and exams, such as multiple-choice, short-answer, essay, etc., and students can take them online.
  • Discussion boards: Instructors and students can post and reply to messages on various topics related to the course.
  • Announcements: Instructors can post important information and updates about the course, such as deadlines, changes, reminders, etc., for students to see.
  • Grades: Instructors can record and display grades for assignments, quizzes, exams, etc., and students can check their progress and feedback.
  • Email: Instructors and students can send and receive emails within TTU Blackboard without using an external email service.
  • Collaborate: Instructors and students can use a web-conferencing tool to conduct live sessions, such as lectures, presentations, discussions, etc., with audio, video, chat, and whiteboard features.

How to Access TTU Blackboard?

To access TTU Blackboard, you need to have a valid TTU eRaider account. An eRaider account is your electronic identification that allows you to access various TTU services and resources. You can create or activate your eRaider account at eRaider website.

Once you have your eRaider account, you can log in to TTU Blackboard at TTU Blackboard website. You will see a list of courses that you are enrolled in or teaching. Click on the course name to enter the course site.

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How to Use TTU Blackboard?

The layout and navigation of TTU Blackboard may vary depending on the course design and instructor preferences. However, there are some common elements that you will find in most courses. Here are some tips on how to use them:

  • Course menu: This is the list of links on the left side of the course site that allows you to access different sections of the course, such as content, assignments, quizzes, discussions, grades, etc. You can click on the link to open the corresponding page. You can also collapse or expand the course menu by clicking on the arrow icon at the top left corner.
  • Breadcrumbs: These are the links at the top of the page that show you where you are in the course site. You can click on any link to go back to a previous page. You can also use the back button on your browser to navigate backwards.
  • Content area: This is the main area of the page that displays the content or activity that you selected from the course menu or breadcrumbs. You can scroll up or down to view more content or use the pagination buttons at the bottom to move between pages.
  • Action bar: This is the row of buttons or icons at the top or bottom of the content area that allows you to perform various actions related to the content or activity, such as submit an assignment, take a quiz, reply to a discussion post, etc. The available actions may depend on your role (student or instructor), settings (available or unavailable), and status (completed or incomplete).
  • Sidebar: This is the column on the right side of the page that displays additional information or tools related to the content or activity, such as due dates, announcements, calendar events, help resources, etc. You can click on any item to open it in a new window or tab.

Where to Get Help with TTU Blackboard?

If you encounter any technical issues or have any questions about TTU Blackboard, you can contact IT Help Central or eLearning & Academic Partnerships for assistance. Here are their contact details:

  • IT Help Central: This is the central point of contact for all IT-related services and support at TTU. You can reach them by email at [email protected] or by phone at 806-742-4357 (HELP). You can also visit their website at IT Help Central website for more information and resources.
  • eLearning & Academic Partnerships: This is the unit that oversees and supports online and distance education at TTU. You can reach them by email at [email protected] or by phone at 806-742-5933. You can also visit their website at [eLearning & Academic Partnerships website] for more information and resources.


TTU Blackboard is a powerful and versatile tool that can enhance your learning and teaching experience at TTU. By following the tips and resources provided in this blog post, you can make the most of TTU Blackboard and achieve your academic goals. Happy learning and teaching!

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