Tips for Placing Lunch Order in Train and Checking PNR Status

Travelling by train is a great way to see the country. By planning beforehand, make sure you have something tasty to eat on the train. Services and technology have made it simpler than ever to check the status of a PNR and order lunch on the train. Beginning with preparing your order, this article will show you how to place a lunch order in train and provide suggestions for an even better meal.

Getting Ready to Make a Purchase

In order to guarantee a satisfying lunch when you place your train meal order, preparation is key. Think about the delivery station, the ordering choices, and when you want your meal delivered. Let’s understand these points:

Time Factors 

When and how you place lunch order in train is time-dependent. You should think about a lot of things:

  • Find out how long the journey is. Order more meals or larger servings to keep from hunger on longer travels.
  • Jot down the stations your train will stop at, or use a train app to track your itinerary in real time. Major train stations sometimes have lengthier pauses, so you may either buy food from vendors or eat at neighbouring eateries.
  • You should base your meal plans on how hungry you are. Making adjustments to your typical eating routine to accommodate the train timetable is a good idea.

Choices for Placing an Order

Have a look at these choices before you place your meal order:

  • Trains often feature pantry cars or employees who provide food to customers. Freshly prepared meals and snacks are their speciality.
  • Because they allow customers to order from a wide variety of eateries, e-catering services are highly regarded. These services allow customers to place food orders over the Internet or over the phone and have them delivered to certain train stations.
  • Ordering meals is a breeze with train apps that deliver. By providing real-time tracking, secure payment choices, and an intuitive UI, these applications streamline the purchase process.

Necessary Data That Must Be Considered 

Some details need to be prominently shown for ordering to be easier and more precise:

  • Jot down the train’s number, the station from which it departs, and its destination.
  • In order to have your food served to you, you must be aware of your seat or berth number.

Ways to Place Lunch Orders

There are benefits and drawbacks to every possible way to order lunch on a train. Now we’ll examine both sides:

Onboard Catering Services 

Catering services are available aboard long-distance trains operated by the Indian Railways, in the form of pantry carts. Either purchase your food when you purchase your ticket or do it after you board the train. 

There are a variety of regional specialities and classic favourites available on the Indian Railways’ pantry cart. From steaming chai to savoury nibbles and nutritious entrees, the selection is extensive. 

Just signal the pantry staff to take your order as they go by your coach. Order meals to be brought to your seat after perusing the menu or just inquiring about the available selections. Depending on the amenities on board, you may pay for your meals with cash or a digital wallet.

Online Food Delivery Through Mobile Apps and Websites

The rise of e-catering services has revolutionised train meal ordering by providing customers with more convenient and diverse alternatives. When using an e-catering website or app, the standard ordering procedure is:

  • The IRCTC website and third-party e-catering systems, like Railofy, let passengers make online meal orders.
  • Train schedules may be easily accessed by passengers who just log onto their preferred platform and provide their PNR number.
  • This will show you where their train stops online, and you can easily discover which stations provide meal delivery. 
  • When the moment is right and the next reasonable stop is in sight, you can place the order. 
  • Vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, and regional specialities can be found on e-catering platforms all around the globe.
  • Select your favourite food and pay the amount for confirmation. 

Automated Messaging Systems

You can now order meals on the train with ease using IRCTC-authorized third-party WhatsApp bots like Railofy. The following are the procedures to follow in order to place your lunch order in train in advance with a meal booking WhatsApp bot:

  • Send the number you used to verify your PNR status to the number you choose for the WhatsApp bot.
  • At the bot’s request, please verify your trip information.
  • Find the food delivery station.
  • After you finish this, you will be prompted to choose your preferred cuisine. Make your selection from the many available meals by picking the same.
  • Once you’re ready, you can confirm your purchase and make a safe payment.
  • Upon arrival at the appointed train stop, the same will be brought to your seat.

Advice to Keep in Mind When Making A Food Order

Here are a few pointers that can really assist you while ordering lunch on the train:

  • Make preparations and place your order ahead of time to guarantee the availability of your desired food and prevent last-minute hassles.
  • Before you place your lunch order in train, make sure you verify your train timetable, PNR status, and catering choices. With this, you won’t have to worry about unexpected delays or service outages.
  • To get a feel for the quality of the cuisine and the consistency of the service offered by e-catering platforms and mobile applications, check reviews written by previous customers before placing an order.
  • Please specify whether you are a vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, or halal customer when you order the food. 


You may have a delicious and satisfying lunch on the train, making your travel much easier. These comprehensive instructions allow you to place your order easily and have a great train dinner. Whether you want to utilise onboard catering e-catering systems or mobile applications, planning ahead and paying attention to details like PNR status checks and food availability can make the train experience comfortable.

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