The Remarkable Journey of Babar Azam: A Chronicle of His Centuries


Babar Azam, the cornerstone of Pakistani cricket, has consistently enchanted fans with his graceful batting and prolific scoring. Known for his poise under pressure, Azam’s career is replete with memorable innings that have not only led Pakistan to numerous victories but also established him as a world-class batsman. In this blog, we dissect the centuries that have defined his career, examining the significance and the mastery behind each.

The First Century: Beginning of a Legacy

Babar Azam’s first international century came during an ODI against the West Indies in 2016. This innings was more than just a personal achievement; it was a declaration of Azam’s arrival on the international stage. His technique and temperament were evident, setting the tone for what was to come in his career.

Breaking Records: Fastest to 1,000 ODI Runs

Babar Azam’s journey to his centuries is marked by the speed at which he reached milestones. Achieving 1,000 ODI runs faster than many legends of the game, Babar’s consistent performance showcased his ability to play long and impactful innings, cementing his place as a top batsman in world cricket.

Dominance in the World Cup

Azam’s performances in the ICC World Cup are a testament to his caliber as a top-order batsman. His century against New Zealand in 2019 under pressure was a masterclass in chasing. Each stroke was a blend of aggression and caution, guiding Pakistan to a crucial win and proving his mettle on the world stage.

Taming the Asian Conditions

One of Babar Azam’s centuries that stands out occurred in the humid and spin-friendly conditions of Sri Lanka. His ability to adapt and excel in diverse playing conditions speaks volumes about his technical prowess and mental strength.

The Home Ground Heroics

Playing at home, Azam has always found a way to thrill the local fans. His centuries in Pakistan are special; they not only contribute to the scoreboard but also uplift the spirits of his nation, showcasing his role as a national hero.

The Australia Challenge

Facing one of the fiercest bowling attacks in the world, Babar’s century against Australia in their backyard is perhaps one of his most gritty innings. Against high pace and swing, Babar stood tall, maneuvering his way through challenges with elegance and resilience.

The Test Arena

Transitioning his form into the Test arena, Babar’s centuries in the longer format have shown his versatility and ability to construct innings over extended periods. His century against South Africa in 2021 highlighted his growth in adapting and excelling in the Test format.

Leading from the Front: Captaincy Innings

As captain, Babar Azam’s centuries carry an additional layer of responsibility. His leadership through batting has been inspirational, with innings that have not only led to victories but also set a benchmark for his teammates.

The England Series: A Test of Temperament

England’s seaming conditions have always been a test for subcontinent batsplayers, and Babar’s century in the 2020 series was a display of high-class batting. Adapting to the movement and bounce, he showcased his ability to play outside his comfort zone.

Memorable Partnerships

Many of Babar Azam’s centuries have been made memorable by the partnerships he’s formed. His collaborations with other players on the field have not only contributed to the team’s total but have also been crucial in pivotal match situations.


Babar Azam’s centuries are not just numbers on a board; they are stories of resilience, adaptability, and class. Each century has added to his legacy as a modern great in cricket. As he continues to play, fans and critics alike will watch eagerly, anticipating each run that flows from his bat.


1. How many centuries has Babar Azam scored in international cricket?

Babar Azam has scored numerous centuries across all formats, marking him as one of the leading run-scorers in contemporary cricket.

2. What makes Babar Azam’s batting style unique?

Azam’s batting style is characterized by his exceptional hand-eye coordination, patience, and his ability to play shots all around the wicket.

3. Which was Babar Azam’s highest scoring century?

One of Babar Azam’s highest scoring centuries was against [Insert Team], where he scored a majestic [Insert Score], displaying his range of strokes and stamina.

4. How does Babar Azam prepare for an international match?

Babar Azam’s preparation involves rigorous practice sessions, mental conditioning, and strategic planning, focusing on the strengths and weaknesses of the opposition.

5. What role does Babar Azam play in the Pakistan cricket team?

As the captain and a top-order batsman, Babar Azam plays a pivotal role in shaping the team’s strategy and leading by example with his performances.

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