Three Fun Activities for Boxing Fans

Boxing is a sport that has a global audience of over 400 million viewers. It’s incredibly popular in America and in the UK, where it’s a popular sport to participate in, either competitively or as a form of intensive exercise. 

Boxing fans are eagerly anticipating the upcoming bout between Mike Tyson and Jake Paul, which will take place in Texas on July 20. Here, the legendary Tyson, now aged 57, will attempt to beat his much younger opponent (Jake Paul is just 27 years old) and recreate some of the ferocity on which his sporting legacy rests. 

If you’re a boxing fan, you’ll be looking forward to this fight, however, the nature of boxing is such that the top fights may be weeks or even months apart. While you wait to enjoy the next top fight, this article will inspire you with three fun activities that are sure to be enjoyed by all boxing fans. 

  • Try an online casino

Many adult boxing fans look for fun pastimes that give them the same level of thrills and excitement as watching a top boxing match. It’s little surprise that these fans are likely to enjoy the pulse-racing action of an online casino. 

At sites such as, you can play card games such as baccarat for real money, testing your luck as you try to guess whether the player’s or the dealer’s hand will have a winning score. In addition, such sites have a wealth of slot machines that offer the chance to win large jackpots if you’re extremely lucky during your play session. 

All the thrilling action takes place in a secure and encrypted online environment, ensuring that your personal and financial information remains safe when you make deposits or withdrawals. In short, many adult boxing fans find that the excitement of online casinos can mimic that of watching a thrilling boxing bout.

  • VR boxing simulator games

Virtual reality technology has progressed considerably in the last decade, and there’s now a wide range of headsets that can be played as standalone gaming devices or linked to consoles or PCs. Games developers have been quick to recognize the value of this platform for playing sports games, including boxing, which is an ideal fit for the VR environment. 

Today, boxing fans can enjoy a range of titles that satisfy their pugilistic needs and offer effective training programs to boost strength and endurance. Some of the most popular VR boxing games include Creed: Rise to Glory and The Thrill of The Fight. These games also feature training minigames that are designed to improve fitness and technique as well as allowing players to fight against virtual opponents.

  • Learn more about the history of the sport

Finally, if you would rather improve your knowledge of boxing instead of learning the skills and techniques of the sport, it can be ideal to read some of the best books on the topic

You can read about the life and career of one of the greatest boxers of all time, Mohammed Ali, in his autobiography, The Greatest: My Own Story, which details his illustrious career along with his controversial decision to avoid the Vietnam War draft and his early years before he became a boxer. 

Going further back in history, boxing fans can read about one of the greatest boxers of the 1920s, Jack Dempsey, in the autobiography A Flame of Pure Fire: Jack Dempsey and the Roaring ’20s while also learning more about the culture and history from this era.

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