Robot Vacuum VS Normal Vacuum: What Makes It Different?

Electronic products are now popular among home appliances. With 360-degree full coverage, every single home-use tool has its electric version, such as electric clothes drying racks, dishwashers, or robot vacuums. Among them, the robot vacuum and mop is the most popular option, and the market is expanding aggressively. According to the data of Fortune Business Insights, the global market is expected to rise from USD 11.97 billion in 2021 to USD 50.65 billion in 7 years. In this article, we will explain the advantages of using a robot vacuum compared to a normal vacuum.

Why Should We Use a Robot Vacuum?

Using a robot vacuum is far more convenient and helpful than a normal vacuum. In this section, we will share with you the 7 advantages of using a robot vacuum.

Free Your Hands

Conventional models only allow you to vacuum the floor when you perform the task by hand. However, you can clean your device whenever you want to with robot vacuums. either through preset schedules or with a simple button press.  Furthermore, some people still believe that robot vacuums just clean things randomly, which was true of the original models. The most recent robot vacuum models can clean every crevice, and their smart cleaning feature allows you to choose the cleaning path! Robot Vacuum VS Normal Vacuum

Cleaning Efficiency

For sure, using a robot vacuum won’t have the same cleaning speed compared to a normal vacuum. But even if it may take twice longer time to clean your room with a robot vacuum, what you have to do is just switch on the robot vacuum and decide on the cleaning path, instead, it is more convenient and will save you time! Moreover, the robot vacuum can clean the space under your sofa or your bed. When you are still struggling to kneel and clean these areas, why don’t you get a robot vacuum to do this?


Twice a week is how often we vacuum our house. However, I find that the noise that regular vacuums make is just too much, so I have to wear my headphones while doing this difficult task. As you can see, the noise level of these machines may reach 80 dB, which is comparable to that of an extremely loud alarm clock or even certain welding machines. In contrast, the noise level that comes from normal robot vacuums is normally equal to or lower than 65 dB, which will not damage your hearing.

Battery and Charging

For a standard vacuum, even when you charge it up fully, you have to put it back into the charger by yourself because it has a small battery. Moreover, some normal vacuum has to work with a long cable that even limits the moving area. In comparison, your robot vacuum has a larger battery size to ensure its daily work. Furthermore, it can also return to the charging pot automatically after the cleaning or when the battery level is low.


In conclusion, using a robot vacuum will be more convenient as your hands are free. Meanwhile, even though the cleaning time may take longer, you should never be worried about the cleaning efficiency of your robot vacuum as it can erase the dirt at any corners. Thirdly, as a robot vacuum is much quieter than a normal vacuum, you don’t have to suffer from the noise anymore. Finally, a larger battery size and automatic charging make a robot vacuum more competitive than a normal vacuum.    

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