Travel Order Food through WhatsApp while Traveling in Railways food order Tracking will also be Done

The effort to locate good meals on trains is a well-known experience for frequent travelers. But stop worrying! Indian Railways is introducing a new service that lets customers place direct food orders over WhatsApp and receive real-time order tracking.

WhatsApp Comes to the Rescue: A Handy Way to Order Takeout

The days of relying on erratic on-board culinary services or scurrying around stations looking for vendors are long gone. Passengers may easily purchase food using their smartphones from the comfort of their seats, thanks to the new WhatsApp meal ordering system.

Ordering with WhatsApp Is Convenient

Imagine using a few smartphone taps to order your lunch and board your train. By doing away with the necessity for conventional meal ordering techniques, our service improves the efficiency and enjoyment of your travels.

A Wide Range of Food Selections

A vast array of menu options is provided by the service to accommodate a variety of tastes and preferences. There is food for everyone, regardless of your preference for regional specialties or cuisine from around the world.

Order tracking in real time

The option to follow your meal order in real-time is one of the best features. This guarantees that you are always aware of the status of the delivery of your food.

Smooth Coordination with IRCTC

Order delivery is reliable and efficient because to the service’s perfect integration with the Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC).

How It Operates: A Comprehensive Guide

Depending on the final implementation, the precise procedure may vary slightly, however, the following is a broad notion of how it could operate:

  1. Determine the Service Supplier:Look for announcements or signs in the train or on the IRCTC website that specify the WhatsApp number to use to purchase meals.
  2. Keep the number safe. Contacts: Add the given WhatsApp number to your list.
  3. Start the conversation: To order food, send a message to the number you have stored.
  4. Select Your Cuisine:A menu or a link to a platform where you can peruse the meal selections from affiliated eateries may be given to you.
  5. Verify Your Purchase:Choose the food items you want and verify the information on your order, such as the PNR number and the station you are now at.
  6. Follow Up on Your Order:There’s a chance the system will let you track the status of your order in real time.
  7. Options for Payment: Depending on the service provider, payment options may include cash on delivery (COD) or online payment portals.

Numerous Advantages: Easy Access and Management

Many advantages are available to train passengers under this new system:

Convenience: Place food orders without getting up from your seat and without having to go find vendors.
Variety of possibilities: Possibly more possibilities for dining than there are while on board.
Transparency: You can keep an eye on the status of your meal delivery with real-time order tracking.
Control: Select from a variety of cuisines and personalize your order according to your tastes.

A Gradual Implementation: Encouraging More Travelers

It is anticipated that the WhatsApp meal ordering system will be introduced gradually. It may be offered on a limited number of trains or routes at first, and then it may spread to a larger network.

Not a Swap Out: Current Catering Choices Stay Put

It’s crucial to keep in mind that the WhatsApp meal ordering system probably aims to enhance current catering offerings rather than completely replace them. It is possible that passengers will still be able to use pantry car services or pre-arranged e-catering.

In summary

The implementation of tracking for WhatsApp meal ordering is a step in the right direction for improving passenger convenience and experience on Indian railways. By streamlining the meal ordering procedure for train travel, this project may provide passengers with more options and control.


When will all trains be able to use this service?

The precise date of a pan-Indian rollout is not yet known. For developments, keep an eye on the main IRCTC channels.

Who supply the food services?

Depending on the service provider and the route, this information may change. Pay attention to the information on the ordering platform or the placard.

What takes place if my order is delayed?

There may be a customer service link within the WhatsApp chat window. For assistance, you can also get in touch with the IRCTC helplines.

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