Travelling to Japan? Here is a Comprehensive Guide to Visit Japan from India on a Budget

Japan is one of those unique places that feature a fascinating blend of traditions and modern technology, ranking among the dream destinations for several travellers. However, you must not get taken aback thinking of the travel expenses you have to bear in Japan since it can also be an affordable destination for budget-conscious travellers.

From applying for a Japan visa for Indians to booking your accommodations in the country, if you have everything properly planned in advance, you can make your Yen stretch throughout.

So scroll to know more about how you can execute that in detail.

How Can You Maintain Your Budget on a Trip to Japan from India?

If you are feeling stressed about how you can manage your finances to explore Japan, go through the following points to get an idea to do the same:

  • Sort Out Transportation Costs

When you wish to explore Japan within a budget, you need to focus on ways to cut out the high expenses. One such high expense is a flight ticket. So, if you need to take domestic flights during your stay in Japan, make sure to get your tickets for Japan Airlines or All Nippon Airways as the costs are quite cheaper than other flights. This will help you save expenses. 

You can also go for a Japan Rail Pass online to explore the country thoroughly after reaching there, where you can get exciting discounts meant for travellers. However, if you are not into train journeys, you can also travel via local buses, which are quite cheap.

  • Make Pre-bookings for Accommodations

If you are on a budget, you must go for cheaper hotels that allow you a comfortable stay without breaking the bank.

You can also consider capsule hotels as a great option of accommodation. These are the hotels with small rooms that are enough to fit in a bed, providing you with a cosy ambience to relax and unwind. Such hotels are great in helping you save funds in a country where most of the accommodation options tend to be pricier.

  • Visit Places with Free Entry

It is common that travellers would like to visit all the popular landmarks of a country. However, if you are on a budget, you need to think of ways that would enable you to spend as little as possible. One such way is to visit places that require no entry fee for tourists.

Japan is home to numerous temples and shrines that hold immense historical and spiritual significance. Most of them allow the entry of visitors free of cost. So you can consider visiting such places and research other places with similar benefits.

  • Go For Budget-Friendly Dining

Even though you know restaurants in Japan can be quite expensive, you must not miss out on trying the local street foods which are no less than authentic Japanese cuisine. The local food vendors remain open throughout the year in Japan.

However, during the traditional festivals, these food markets can reach another level of food paradise, serving you delicious yet cheap Japanese delicacies.

These local food markets are mainly held near the famous temples and shrines of the country. You can try these out whenever you visit temples and witness their traditional culture come alive.

  • Shop for Cheaper Goods

While Japan is filled with various shopping malls, you must note that the local shops are not behind in offering you exciting souvenirs to take back with you. It is an amazing feeling to indulge in shopping for your favourite stuff when you are on vacation.

However, Japan still has its open-air market designed traditionally to fulfil all the visitors’ shopping wishlists.

Besides, such markets receive numerous local people visiting there every day, spending time with their friends and shopping. Hence, it can be a good way to catch up with the locals and exchange healthy interactions.

  • Opt for Activities in Budget

We all love to indulge in fun activities while we are on vacation with our family and friends. However, it is important to understand that executing such planned activities can be quite expensive. Nevertheless, you must not be discouraged by that when you can try and arrange activities on a budget.

Japan features various stunning hills and mountains that call for hiking, and when you reach the peak, the view you witness is no less than a reward.

You can also plan an architectural tour of some of the most fantastic buildings in Tokyo, designed to showcase the ancient traditions of the country and feature their architectural excellence.

  • Travel Off-Season

Even though we all intend to travel to a country during the peak season to witness all its major seasonal highlights, it can also be the most expensive time to travel. This is because peak season in Japan calls for higher demand for hotels and flights, which in turn also increases the prices. Hence, travelling to Japan during its peak season can not only let you encounter heavy crowds but a major rise in expenses as well.

Therefore, when you wish to explore Japan within a budget, it is wise to visit the country during the off-season. In Japan, off-seasons are mainly summer and winter. Even if you visit there during summer, you can explore the beaches or waterparks, and during winter the snow-covered northern mountains.

The Bottom Line

To conclude, Japan has something to explore throughout the year. So when you are on a budget, you need to plan out your travel itinerary carefully to make the most out of the trip without spending much. Also, when you talk about managing finances, what you cannot miss out on is travel insurance. It can act as a saviour during potential emergencies like flight cancellations, loss of invaluable items or health issues.

Therefore, as a wise traveller, secure yourself financially by getting Japan travel insurance and get ready to have the most amazing vacation to last a lifetime.

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