Psalm 31: A Song of David’s Refuge

1 In You, O LORD, I find my sanctuary; may I never know shame, as You deliver me with Your righteousness.

2 Bend Your ear to my plea, hasten to rescue me; You’re my rock of safety, a fortress strong and free.

3 For Your name’s sake, lead me, guide me through each day; my rock, my refuge, in You, I’ll always stay.

4 Break the snares that ensnare me, set me forever free; for You are my shelter, my trust, my guarantee.

5 To Your hands, I entrust my spirit; redeem me, God of truth.

6 I despise those who worship vain idols, in the LORD, my trust shall never cease.

7 Rejoice in Your love, my heart gladly sings; You witnessed my anguish, the pain that it brings.

8 Not abandoned to foes, in a spacious realm, I stand; my feet firmly planted by Your gracious hand.

9 In distress, I cry out, my eyes dim with tears; my soul and body falter, burdened with fears.

10 Anguish consumes my life, groans are my melody; my strength wanes as affliction grips me mercilessly.

11 My neighbors scorn, my enemies sneer; even my friends shun me, their faces filled with fear.

12 Forgotten like one deceased, as broken pottery I appear; loneliness engulfs me, a feeling severe.

13 Slander surrounds, terror from every side; conspiring against me, they seek to take my life.

14 But my trust in You, O LORD, stands unshaken; You are my God, never to be forsaken.

15 Times rest in Your hands, rescue me from this strife; from my relentless pursuers, protect my life.

16 In Your unwavering love, let Your countenance shine; save Your servant, gracious and divine.

17 Let me not be put to shame, as I cry out to You; let the wicked be silent, their plans to undo.

18 Their lying lips silenced, pride and contempt expelled; against the righteous, their arrogance quelled.

19 Your goodness is boundless for those who fear Your name; Your refuge is granted, forever the same.

20 Within Your presence, sheltered from man’s deceit; secured in Your dwelling, from tongues of slander, I retreat.

21 Praise be to the LORD, in my distressing hour; His wondrous love surrounded me, a besieged tower.

22 Amidst alarm and fear, I thought I was alone; yet, You heard my plea, Your mercy brightly shown.

23 All His saints, love the LORD, for He preserves the true; the proud He repays, their deeds they shall rue.

24 Take heart, be strong, those who in the LORD believe; in His unfailing love, we forever receive.

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