Hamraaz Personal Login: Your Gateway to Indian Army Services

Navigating the complex web of administrative chores and getting critical personal information can occasionally feel like solving a riddle to serving Indian Army troops. Enter Hamraaz, an extensive online platform created to make daily tasks easier and more efficient for Indian Army troops. Your safe gateway to a multitude of services is the Hamraaz Personal Login.

Opening the Portal to Hamraaz:

The Adjutant Generals Branch (MP-8) of the Indian Army created Hamraaz, which is your one-stop shop for handling several facets of your military life. The Hamraaz Personal Login gives you the freedom to accomplish tasks whenever it’s convenient for you, whether you need to check your paystubs, change personal information, seek a leave of absence, or monitor pension benefits while on the road using the mobile app.

Using the Portal with assurance:

It’s simple to get into the Hamraaz Personal Login. To access the website, go to and input your password and Login ID. After logging in, you will see an intuitive layout with parts that are simple to comprehend, making it easy for you to move between the many features.

Key Features That Simplify Your Life:

  • Personal Information Management: Update your personal details, contact information, and dependent information with ease.
  • Leave and Travel Management: Submit leave requests, track their status, and access travel entitlements through the online system.
  • Payslip and Financial Information: View your payslips, track financial transactions, and download relevant documents for record-keeping.
  • Pension and Retirement Benefits: Access information about your pension benefits, track the application process, and stay informed about any updates or changes.
  • Important Announcements and Circulars: Stay updated on official announcements, policy changes, and important information disseminated by the Indian Army.
  • Additional Services: Utilize the platform to apply for various loans, request certificates, and access other benefits provided by the Indian Army.

Mobile App: Easily Accessible Convenience:

In order to augment your accessibility and enjoyment, Hamraaz also features an intuitive mobile application that is compatible with both Android and iOS operating systems. With the help of the app, which replicates the features of the online site, you can manage your demands and access crucial information while on the road.

In summary:

Beyond merely being a digital platform, the Hamraaz Personal Login is an invaluable tool that enables Indian Army troops to take charge of their administrative responsibilities and quickly access vital information. You may concentrate on your service responsibilities with more peace of mind if you accept the convenience and security that Hamraaz offers since you’ll always be able to meet your personal demands with a simple click or touch.


  • Who can access the Hamraaz Personal Login?

The Hamraaz Personal Login is exclusively available to serving personnel of the Indian Army.

  • What documents do I need to register for the Hamraaz Personal Login?

You will need your service number and other basic information provided by the Indian Army to register for the platform.

  • Is my information secure on the Hamraaz portal?

Hamraaz adheres to strict data security protocols, ensuring the confidentiality and integrity of your personal information.

  • Can I reset my Hamraaz password if I forget it?

Yes, the platform offers a password reset option through a registered email address or alternative contact information.

  • Where can I get help if I face any issues while using the Hamraaz Personal Login?

You can contact the Hamraaz helpdesk through the dedicated phone number or email address provided on the official website.

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