Cricket Games Online for PC: Our Top 6 Review

Online cricket games for PC offer enthusiasts a way to experience the thrill and strategy of cricket from the comfort of their own homes. These games range from highly realistic simulations to more arcade-style representations, catering to a variety of tastes and preferences. Visit the 4 Bets official sports betting website in India and place your bets or play the cricket games for free. Here’s a look at some of the best online cricket games available for PC, each offering a unique angle on the beloved sport.

Top 6 Best Cricket Games for Your Laptop/PC

Game TitleDeveloperTypeKey FeaturesRealism LevelCustomizationGame Modes
Cricket 19Big Ant StudiosSimulationAdvanced physics, realistic graphics, comprehensive career modeHighTeam and player customizationInternational, Test, T20
Ashes CricketBig Ant StudiosSimulationOfficial 2017-18 Ashes series, realistic likenesses, motion-captured movesHighTeam and player customizationCareer, Test, Limited Over
Don Bradman Cricket 17Big Ant StudiosSimulationDynamic weather, day/night cycle, detailed player creation toolHighComplete player creation toolCareer, Multi-day, T20, Online
Cricket Captain 2020Childish ThingsStrategy/ManagementAdvanced tactics, detailed stats, historical scenariosModerateLimited team managementInternational, Domestic, Historical
Stick Cricket Super LeagueStick Sports Ltd.ArcadeFast-paced gameplay, simple controls, player team managementLowPlayer accessories, team managementSuper League
Tabletop CricketNot specifiedArcade/StrategyMiniature field, combines real-world physics with arcade elements, easy to learnLow to ModerateNoneVarious custom game modes


Each of these games provides a unique way to enjoy cricket online. Whether you’re a tactician dreaming of the perfect lineup, a statistician in love with player metrics, or just a fan of the sport, there’s an online cricket game out there for you.

Cricket 19

Developed by Big Ant Studios, Cricket 19 is one of the most advanced cricket simulations available. It features a robust career mode that allows players to manage a team and individual players over the course of several seasons. The game prides itself on realistic physics and gameplay mechanics, along with impressive graphics that bring cricket matches to life. Players can compete in international tournaments, test matches, and T20 competitions, making it a comprehensive cricket experience.

Ashes Cricket

Also developed by Big Ant Studios, Ashes Cricket is the official video game of the 2017–18 Ashes series. The game offers a detailed career mode that is highly customizable and features both men’s and women’s teams. It stands out for its realistic player likenesses and motion-captured cricket moves. The game’s emphasis on player-led changes and tactics adds a strategic layer to the cricketing experience.

Don Bradman Cricket 17

Before Cricket 19, there was Don Bradman Cricket 17, a game that set the standard for cricket simulations. The game includes a detailed player creation tool and a dynamic day/night cycle with weather conditions affecting gameplay. Its controls are designed to mimic real-life cricketing techniques, adding depth and challenge for players looking to master the sport in a virtual setting.

Cricket Captain 2020

For those who love the strategy aspect of cricket more than the action, Cricket Captain 2020 offers a management simulation where you can control all aspects of managing a team. Players can engage in international matches, domestic leagues, and historical scenarios. The game includes advanced tactics and player statistics, making it ideal for stats enthusiasts and tactical thinkers.

Stick Cricket Super League

On the arcade side of cricket games, Stick Cricket Super League provides a faster-paced, more accessible experience. This game focuses on batting, with simple controls and quick gameplay sessions. Players can build and manage their team, sign superstars, and customize their players with a variety of accessories. Despite its simpler gameplay, it remains engaging and fun, especially for those looking for a light-hearted approach to cricket.

Tabletop Cricket

Blending real-world physics with arcade fun, Tabletop Cricket offers a different perspective by setting the cricket game on a miniature field, much like tabletop sports games. It combines strategy and skill, with unique game mechanics that are easy to learn but challenging to master. This game is a great choice for both young players and adults looking for a quirky take on traditional cricket.


Online cricket games for PC cater to a diverse array of preferences, providing everything from highly detailed simulations like Cricket 19 and Ashes Cricket to more arcade-like experiences such as Stick Cricket Super League. Whether players are seeking the depth of managing teams and strategizing in games like Cricket Captain 2020 or the quick and engaging gameplay of Tabletop Cricket, there’s something available for every type of cricket enthusiast. These games not only allow fans to immerse themselves in the nuances of cricket from player management to in-game tactics, but also offer a means to enjoy cricket year-round, irrespective of the real-world cricket season.

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