What is the difference between Architecture and Interior Design?

Architecture is basically the entire set up of any building from scratch both externally and internally whereas Interior Design is the addition of beauty and decor inside the house in order to make it reliable for a person to live in. 

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Building an architecture requires licensing while interior design doesn’t require any sort of licensing and a person is free to decorate his or her home as per his or her own choice and taste. In a simple layman term, architects design buildings and structures while interior designers design the interiors of these buildings.

An architect is involved more on the technical aspect of the design process, while an interior designer fills up and furnishes the vacant interiors once the building is constructed.

Since architecture is the outer building blocks of the building, therefore tasks such as choosing the type of concrete, sand, cement, and bricks fall into this category. While tasks that include selection of color schemes for inner walls, selection of wall paintings, choosing the type of furniture, etc. fall into the category of interior design. 

Architects focus more on the technical side of the construction and pays heed to things like building materials, ventilation, climate, etc., while an interior designer focuses more on aesthetics creating interior spaces that are aesthetically pleasing and functional by making use of color palettes, wall arts, and furniture placements.

The training in Architecture involves the creation of a structural building that is supposed to meet the national, state as well as local building codes while the training of interior designers, however, involves the creation of a function as well as a quality interior environment.

The field of architecture is more focused on the building’s technical requirements such as its form, the material to be used, the climate, lighting, flooring, ventilation, etc. whereas the field of interior designing is focused on human psychology as well as the emotional aspects of a space.

Architecture refers to the design and planning of buildings, structures, and physical spaces. It involves the arrangement of rooms, exterior design, and the use of materials and construction techniques. It also encompasses the study and practice of designing and constructing buildings that are functional, aesthetically pleasing, and safe to occupy. When making their plans, architects take into consideration various factors such as environmental, cultural, and historical context, as well as the intended use of the space. 

Interior design is the art and science of enhancing the interiors of a building to achieve a healthier and more aesthetically pleasing environment for those who use the space. It involves the selection and arrangement of several elements such as color, lighting, materials, furniture, and accessories to create functional and attractive interiors.

An architecture is mainly done on empty land or plot from the scratch by taking the help of Engineering drawing as a blueprint of the entire layout while interior designing is the process of decorating the inner attributes of any building and making it ready to live in for people. 

Wrapping up!

Whether it’s outer architecture or Interior Design, both are equally important in setting up any building.  Both of these are relevant in either building personal homes or commercial buildings.

In this unprecedented and constant rise of human population, it has become quite important for everyone to have a house of their own so that a person can decorate it as per his or her own choice as per his or her own psychology.  

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