What an ENT Doctor Can Do for Your Sinus Problems?

When sinuses or air cavities become inflamed or swollen due to bacteria or virus attacks, people develop a condition called sinusitis or sinus infection. Sinus infections usually clear up without medical intervention. However, a person would need professional advice if symptoms extend beyond 7–10 days. Someone experiencing terrible headaches or fever must also see an ENT, who specialises in treating ailments of the ear, nose, and throat. Sinus infection can worsen due to mucus accumulation in the sinus glands. As mentioned, triggers can be viruses, bacteria, and even allergens. The problem is aggravated when mucus doesn’t get the passage to move through the nasal cavity. 

Nevertheless, the ENT will want to investigate your health to determine the actual perpetrator. They start with diagnosis to offer tailor-made solutions for your needs. Check for an idea. At the same time, here is a brief look into how ENTs help with sinus problems.

  • Diagnosis of the sinus complication 

They will try to understand whether it’s an acute or chronic condition. The virus mainly causes acute sinus infections that can improve in about two weeks. But bacteria-induced sinus ailment can last for four weeks. Chronic conditions are usually bacteria-led. These can persist even after twelve weeks. 

In some cases, nose structure or allergies can be involved. ENTs will ask you about your medical record related to asthma, allergy, or any other potentially contributing factor. Nose endoscopy and swab tests can also be done to understand the reason behind your deteriorated health. Some may also have to do CT scans, blood tests, and allergy tests. 

  • Treatment for sinusitis

After all the observations, your ENT can suggest proper procedures to relieve your discomfort. For example, inflamed and dry sinuses find it difficult to flush out mucus. For this, they can recommend a nasal rinse to wash out bacteria and other annoying elements. Those with a deviated septum or a nose structure deformity can be advised a surgery called septoplasty. Chronic conditions require surgical methods to improve. Surgery can be the only choice when non-invasive options don’t help much. The success of the surgery depends on a patient’s ailment status, overall health, age, and other factors. 

However, if a narrow sinus passage causes your chronic condition, you may be advised to undergo balloon sinuplasty. In this minimally invasive procedure, an ENT will insert a device into your nostrils to reach and widen the sinus openings so that the mucus starts to flow normally. It can be an in-office procedure that takes about half an hour to complete. Downtime will also be pretty negligible.

So, please don’t let sinusitis trouble you anymore. Experts with modern tools can solve many sinus-related problems efficiently. A sincere ENT will monitor your health progress, whether you require surgery or medications. They will also guide you about managing sinus infections to enable you to lead a much better and healthier life. Ensure that you find the right doctor for your treatment. Reputable clinics will have the best talents. The doctors will be well-qualified and experienced to deal with most ENT problems, including minor or severe. They will have all the necessary equipment and resources at their disposal.

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