Suboxone Tooth Decay Lawsuit: All You Need to Know

Suboxone tooth decay lawsuits have become increasingly rampant, especially among drug rehabilitation patients. This is a result of the greed of suboxone-producing companies such as Indivior Inc. and others. They focused on the maximization of profit by not disclosing to doctors or patients the possible side effects of the chemical substance present in the oral film version of suboxone.

The chemical substance present in Suboxone is acidic in nature, and this acid affects the dental health of users. It is important to emphasize again that the producing companies were aware of the detrimental side effects of the substance but refused to disclose until directed, which was found out by the FDA in 2022.

It is ironic that people looking to get their lives together by beating addiction with the use of suboxone now have to struggle with another problem; dental problems caused by a medication supposedly used to make them better and stronger. Note that there are other brands of opioid addiction treatment, but millions of users use the Indivior brand because it was believed to have no side effects. Click here to learn more about the side effects of suboxone and how a lawyer can help you file a suboxone lawsuit.

The Science Behind Suboxone’s Dental Side Effect

Suboxone has a PH as low as 3.4 (which is acidic) when dissolved in water, and the natural PH of the mouth is 6.2- 7.0. The enamel, which is the exposed layer of the teeth, loses its minerals when exposed to acid. Once enamel begins to lose its minerals, it dissolves, and this dissolution can lead to a variety of dental problems.

Especially for long term users, frequent exposure to suboxone will totally weaken the enamel and eventually lead to decay.

The Recent Developments in the Suboxone Dental Lawsuits

There has been a new development in the procedure for filing a suboxone tooth decay lawsuit in America. Now, all future and present suboxone lawsuits in the United States will be compiled as a consolidated proceeding directed to the Northern District of Ohio. They will be heard by Judge Philip Calabrese. The consolidated cases will go through a discovery phase, so as to include all new cases.

After that, a few of the consolidated cases will be selected for a test trial, and the result of the test trial will serve as a template for settling Suboxone lawsuits all over the world. This is called multidistrict litigation, a system that ensures all victims of suboxone, past, present, and future, are adequately compensated.

Suboxone Lawsuits- 2022

Tooth Decay Lawsuit

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Before 2022, different studies had been carried out to prove the link between suboxone and dental problems. However, even when there was enough evidence to show the detrimental effects of suboxone, the companies that made it still refused to update the medication label so as to warn the public of the possible side effects.

Then, in 2022, as a result of the undeniable evidence and the numerous lawsuits filed against the producing companies, the FDA gave a directive to all producing companies to update their medication labels to include the side effects of the medication. It was not until then that the side effects of suboxone were included in the label.


The estimated settlement value of a suboxone lawsuit is between $50,000 – $150,000 per plaintiff. Therefore, the best course of action for acquiring adequate compensation is for a class action to be filed on behalf of all injured parties. However, if the case goes to trial, the estimated settlement will be significantly higher and will amount to about 1 million dollars. This compensation involves all the losses the victim has suffered because of the drug.

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