How to Become a Sports Guru Pro with Fantasy Cricket

Dream Cricket is a famous internet game that permits you to make your own group of genuine players and rival different clients in light of their exhibition in genuine matches. To test your abilities and information, dream cricket is the ideal game for you. Yet, how might you turn into a game master with dream cricket? Here are a few hints and deceives that can assist you with working on your game and dominating huge

Choose the Right Platform

There are many platforms that offer fantasy cricket, but not all of them are equal. Some of the factors that you should consider before choosing a platform are:

  • The user interface and experience: The platform should be easy to use, navigate, and understand. It should also have features like live score updates, player stats, match previews, and expert advice.
  • The variety and quality of contests: The platform should offer different types of contests, such as head-to-head, grand leagues, small leagues, private leagues, etc. The contests should also have reasonable entry fees and attractive prizes.
  • Security and reliability: The platform should be secure and reliable, with proper verification and encryption of user data. It should also have a fast and smooth withdrawal process with multiple payment options.
  • Customer support and feedback: The platform should have a responsive and helpful customer support team, that can resolve any issues or queries that you may have. It should also have a feedback system where you can rate and review the platform and its services.

One of the platforms that meets all these criteria is Sports Guru Pro, an app that provides the best fantasy cricket prediction applications. Sports Guru Pro has a user-friendly interface, a wide range of contests, a secure and fast withdrawal system, and a dedicated customer support team. It also provides the best 11 players in every match, along with the best choice of captain and vice captain.

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Do Your Research

Before creating your fantasy team, you need to do your research on the players, teams, matches, and conditions. Some of the sources that you can use for your research are:

  • Cricket websites and blogs: You can find useful information on cricket websites and blogs, such as player profiles, team news, injury updates, pitch reports, weather forecasts, match previews, etc. Some of the popular cricket websites and blogs are Cricbuzz, ESPNcricinfo, Sports Guru Pro Blog, etc.
  • Cricket videos and podcasts: You can watch or listen to cricket videos and podcasts, where experts and analysts discuss the latest trends, strategies, tips, and predictions for fantasy cricket. Some of the popular cricket videos and podcasts are Sports Guru Pro YouTube Channel, Cric Blast Radio, Fantasy Cricket Podcast, etc.
  • Cricket statistics and data: You can analyze cricket statistics and data, such as player performance, team performance, head-to-head records, recent form, etc. You can use tools like HowStat, Statsguru, Fantasy Data Hub, etc.

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Create Your Team

After doing your research, you need to create your team based on the rules and points system of the platform and the contest. Some of the general tips for creating your team are:

  • Balance your team: You should balance your team with players from different categories (batsmen, bowlers, all-rounders, wicketkeepers), skills (batting order, bowling style), roles (captain, vice captain), and teams. You should also avoid picking too many players from the same team or the same match.
  • Consider the match format: You should consider the match format (Test, ODI, T20) when selecting your players. For example, in Test matches, you may want to pick more batsmen who can play long innings and more spinners who can exploit the pitch conditions. In T20 matches, you may want to pick more hitters who can score quickly and more pacers who can bowl at the death.
  • Use your credits wisely. You should use your credits wisely when selecting your players. You should not spend too much on one or two players who may not perform well or may not get enough opportunities. You should also not pick too many cheap players who may not contribute much or may not play at all. You should try to find value picks who can give you high returns for low credits.
  • Experiment with different combinations: You should experiment with different combinations of players before finalizing your team. You should try to create multiple teams with different strategies and scenarios. You should also compare your teams with other users’ teams and see what works best for you.


Fantasy cricket is a fun and exciting game that can make you a sports guru if you follow some simple tips and tricks. You should choose the right platform, do your research, create your team, and enjoy the game. Sports Guru Pro is one of the best platforms that can help you with fantasy cricket, as it provides the best prediction applications, playing 11 players, captain and vice captain choices, and expert tips. You can download Sports Guru Pro from the Google Play Store and start your fantasy cricket journey today. Happy gaming!

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