SCM Bihar: A Comprehensive Guide to Streamlined Supply Chain Management in Bihar

In the dynamic landscape of Bihar’s food security and economic development, the Supply Chain Management (SCM) Bihar portal stands as a transformative initiative, revolutionizing the way food grains are procured, distributed, and managed within the state. By streamlining supply chain processes, enhancing transparency, and empowering stakeholders, SCM Bihar plays a pivotal role in ensuring food availability, minimizing wastage, and fostering inclusive growth.

Navigating the SCM Bihar Universe:

The SCM Bihar portal, accessible through the official website (, provides a user-friendly interface that guides users through the diverse functionalities of the platform. The portal caters to various stakeholders, including government officials, food grain dealers, and PDS (Public Distribution System) beneficiaries, ensuring that each group can access the information and tools they need to effectively manage the supply chain.

A Comprehensive Suite of Features:

SCM Bihar offers a comprehensive suite of features that streamline and optimize the entire supply chain process, from procurement to distribution and beyond. Key features include:

  • Online Allotment and Dispatch: The portal facilitates the online allotment of food grains to dealers and manages the dispatch process, ensuring timely and efficient distribution.

  • Stock Management and Monitoring: Dealers can track their stock levels, view procurement details, and manage their inventory efficiently through the portal.

  • Real-time Data and Analytics: The portal provides real-time data on stock levels, distribution trends, and other critical supply chain metrics, enabling informed decision-making.

  • Transparency and Accountability: The portal enhances transparency by providing stakeholders with access to real-time information, promoting accountability, and preventing irregularities.

Empowering Stakeholders and Ensuring Food Security:

SCM Bihar plays a crucial role in empowering various stakeholders within the supply chain ecosystem:

  • Government Officials: The portal streamlines the procurement process, facilitates timely distribution, and provides data-driven insights for informed policy decisions.

  • Food Grain Dealers: Dealers gain access to real-time stock information, efficient dispatch mechanisms, and improved inventory management capabilities.

  • PDS Beneficiaries: The system ensures timely delivery of food grains, minimizes wastage, and promotes food security at the beneficiary level.

A Catalyst for Economic Growth:

SCM Bihar’s impact extends beyond food security, serving as a catalyst for economic growth in Bihar:

  • Reduced Wastage and Enhanced Efficiency: The streamlined supply chain process minimizes wastage, optimizes resource utilization, and reduces costs.

  • Improved Market Access: Dealers gain access to a centralized platform, enhancing market connectivity and facilitating trade.

  • Empowerment of Local Businesses: The system strengthens the local economy by empowering small-scale food grain dealers and promoting entrepreneurship.


SCM Bihar stands as a beacon of innovation and transformation in the realm of supply chain management, revolutionizing the way food grains are procured, distributed, and managed within Bihar. By empowering stakeholders, ensuring food security, and fostering economic growth, SCM Bihar is shaping a more prosperous and resilient future for the state. As Bihar continues to evolve, SCM Bihar remains at the forefront, adapting to changing needs and driving sustainable development towards a brighter future.

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