News Sona Mohapatra Took to Social Media to Criticize Actor and Bigg Boss Host Salman Khan

Bollywood actor Salman Khan and singer Sona Mohapatra have rekindled their online feud. This time, she is upset over Sajid Khan, a director who was implicated during the #MeToo movement, being a competitor on his reality show, Bigg Boss 16, which he hosts.

A Past of Unhappiness

Celebrities who are accused of sexual misbehavior have been called out by Mohapatra in the past. She voiced her opposition against singers Anu Malik and Kailash Kher during the #MeToo movement.

Salman’s Supporting Act?

Given that they are both members of the Bollywood Khan family, Khan is well-known for his strong relationship with Sajid Khan. However, Khan has come under fire for appearing to support Sajid’s appearance on the show.

Mohapatra’s Charge: Disguising Toxicology

Salman Khan was accused by Mohapatra on Twitter of “whitewashing his own toxic masculinity for eons with Being Human [Khan’s charity] despite being anything but.”

The Star Voice for Women is silent?

Mohapatra also went after Bollywood actor-director Farhan Akhtar, who is well-known for his work with Men Against Rape and Discrimination (MARD) and for having previously served as an ambassador for UN Women India. She questioned his silence about the inclusion of Sajid Khan.

If We Speak Up

By tweeting, Mohapatra brought attention to the possible negative effects of remaining silent on these matters: “If we speak up, they try to bury us with their PR machinery & paid trolls.” However, some factors must be mentioned. Truth.”

Divergent Reactions from Fans

Fans are split on the matter. While some back Mohapatra’s position, others stand up for Salman Khan and Sajid Khan’s right to speak out.

In summary

Salman Khan’s backing of Sajid Khan on Bigg Boss 16 has come under fire from Sona Mohapatra, who has reopened the conversation about the MeToo movement and the way accused people are treated. It remains to be seen if Khan will address the matter or if Sajid Khan will suffer penalties on the show.


  • What is the MeToo movement?

A social movement called #MeToo opposes sexual harassment and assault.

  • What accusations are made against Sajid Khan?

A number of women came forward during the MeToo movement, accusing Sajid Khan of sexual misconduct.

  • Has Sajid Khan addressed the accusations?

A: The accusations have been refuted by Sajid Khan.

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