Protecting Kids from Extreme Heat


Playing and exercising outside is great for kids’ bodies and minds. But when it’s really hot, like when the temperature and humidity make it feel like 35°C or more, it can be dangerous.

Too much heat can make kids sick in a few ways. It can make them lose too much water, which is dehydration. They might get really tired and dizzy, which is heat exhaustion. Their muscles might cramp up, which is heat cramps. And if it’s really bad, they could even get heat stroke, which is a medical emergency. Hot weather can also make everyone feel more cranky. Plus, with the climate changing, extreme heat is happening more often, which can make kids worry about the environment.

To keep your kids safe in the heat, try to keep them cool as much as you can. Look out for signs that they might be getting too hot, like feeling sick or dizzy. And if you’re worried, don’t hesitate to call the doctor.

Identifying the Signs of Heat Illness

Signs of being too hot or having heat exhaustion can be red skin, feeling dizzy, having a headache, or feeling really tired. You might also feel weak or get muscle cramps. Many times, you can take care of these symptoms at home by drinking water and resting.

If you ignore these signs, you might get heatstroke. Heatstroke makes your skin hot and red, gives you a high fever, and you might not sweat much. You could also feel confused. Heatstroke is serious and needs quick help from a doctor.

Kids might not always know when they need a break or when it’s too hot, so grown-ups should watch out for these signs of being too hot before it gets worse.

Tips to Keep the Children Safe From Heat Wave

When you’re going outside, you can do a few things to stay cool and keep your child safe from heat-related problems:


Ensure your kids drink enough water throughout the day, even before they ask for it. Bring water bottles when you go out, especially on hot days. Babies who drink breast milk shouldn’t have water until they’re 6 months old, but they can have more breast milk in a bottle when it’s hot. Babies who drink formula can have an extra formula in a bottle.

Comfortable Clothing

Dress your kids in light-coloured clothes to keep them cool and safeguard their skin from the sun. Loose-fitting clothes made of absorbent material can help them stay comfortable. Don’t forget to use sunscreen.


When it’s hot outside, kids and their parents might feel tired. The heat can make people feel sleepy and grumpy. Take breaks inside to cool down, rest, and drink water.

Cool Off with Water

Help your child cool down by giving them a cool bath or spraying them with water when they’re feeling hot. Swimming is also a fun way for them to stay cool and active. Just make sure to watch them closely to keep them safe from drowning while they’re in the water.

Don’t Keep Your Child Alone

Never keep your child alone in any situation, whether it’s in a car or at home. Make sure that your kid has company and access to water.

Steps to Follow if You Don’t Have Air Conditioner 

If your house doesn’t have air conditioning, look for a nearby building that does. Places like libraries and shopping malls can be nice and cool when it’s hot outside.

If you live in an area where the power often goes out, or if your air conditioning doesn’t always work well, find a safe place for your family to go when it’s really hot. Many towns and cities have places called cooling centers where you can go to cool off. These are usually big buildings like gyms where you can stay cool until it’s safe to go back home.

Precautions with Fans

Close your window blinds and curtains to keep your home cool. Lower floors are usually cooler. If you don’t have air conditioning, fans can help. But make sure they’re far enough away to be safe for you and your kids. Fans blowing directly on you might make your mouth and nose dry, or if you have allergies, they might spread allergens and make your nose run and eyes itch.

Don’t use fans when it’s extremely hot outside (in the high 90s or higher) because they don’t cool the air. Using fans in really hot weather might make your body hotter instead of cooler.

Heat Illnesses and Online Medicine Delivery

The rise of online pharmacies has made managing heat-related illnesses and gaining access to allopathic medicine easy. These medicine apps allow you to order medicine online easily from the comfort of your home and provide great discounts, making online medicine delivery a wonderful experience. 


Heat in the summer can be daunting sometimes. However, taking preventive measures to keep your child safe from the heat can save his or her health. You can follow the reommendations mentioned in this blog to enjoy the summer safely.

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