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How to Stage Your Home for Sale

Congratulations if are you already planning to move into another home, that suits your own lifestyle better. However, before you start the process, you have to first put your current house on sale. The key goal is to get a good selling price within the shortest time possible. If this is what you want, specialists at Empower Home Team Orlando, FL, say that you will need to stage your current home.

Understanding Home Staging

Staging a home is to simply style your current home to appeal to potential buyers. It encompasses stripping back your own personal style so as to help potential homebuyers envisage themselves living there with their family. Staged homes appeal to many buyers more than a property with your own personal style, regardless of your good taste.

What Staging Options Do You Have?

As the current homeowner, you have several options to stage your property. These home staging options include the following:

  • DIY – If you have confidence in your skills to present and design your property, then you can save money by staging your home yourself. You may handle things like rearranging furniture, painting the walls, removing personal décor/pictures, adding fresh flowers, and investing in new throw pillows.
  • Realtor – Most realtors believe that staging a home is the key to command a quick sale. Because of that, they help clients stage and prepare their homes before taking pictures, listing, and marketing them.
  • Professional stagers – Hire a staging company or a professional stager if you want extra hands. The experts have real estate, design, and interior decorating experience, which may work in your favor.

Staging Tips

Staging a home isn’t an easy process, especially if you are doing it for the first time. This is why we have suggested the following tips to help you get started:

  • Improve the Curb Appeal

Making the first impression counts a lot. So, you might want to make your property stand out. You may do a few upgrades over the weekend and won’t cost you a lot. Some of the things you may do include removing grime/dirt from your gutters/fascia/roof/siding and painting your front door.

  • Declutter the House

Clutter distracts potential homebuyers – your belongings will draw the eyes of buyers, and not the rooms in the house. Plus, clutter can make rooms look untidy and smaller. So try to fee up those clutter on the coffee table, shelves, and in your kitchen.

  • Neutralize Home Décor

You might love your unique and bold home décor, but potential buyers may have a different opinion about them. This is why it is crucial to create a very neutral environment, which allows potential homebuyers to imagine their style in the house.

  • Make Bedrooms Inviting

White and new bedding will be an affordable way of making bedrooms inviting. Also, make sure dressers are lean on accessories. Unless you have jewelry boxes, put away jewelry pictures and remove family pictures.

In conclusion, the goal of staging a home is to make it attractive to potential homebuyers. This will not just help you to sell the property faster. It will also command a high selling price.

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