Celebrating Young Talent: The Doodle for Google India Winner

The Doodle for Google competition provides a platform for young artists to let their imaginations run wild and express their unique perspectives on creativity and technology. Each year, the winner in India receives national recognition, and their artwork is proudly featured on the Google India homepage. Let’s explore what it takes to win this exciting competition.

What is Doodle for Google?

  • An Annual Competition: Doodle for Google is an annual art contest open to students in grades 1-10 across India.
  • Creative Expression: It invites students to redesign the Google logo inspired by a specific theme.
  • Celebrating Ideas: The themes often encourage students to explore concepts of science, technology, India’s future, cultural values, or other inspiring ideas.

Meet the Latest Winner

  • Name: Announce the name of the current year’s winner.
  • Artwork: Describe the winning doodle and its concept. (Include an image if possible).
  • Artist Statement: Share the winner’s inspiration and thoughts behind their doodle.

The Journey to Becoming a Winner

  • Theme Announcement: Google announces the year’s competition theme, sparking inspiration among students.
  • Submission Process: Students submit their original artwork in various formats (drawings, paintings, digital art, etc.)
  • Judging Phases: A panel of judges, often including public figures and artists, evaluates submissions based on creativity, artistic merit, and message alignment with the theme.
  • Public Voting: The top finalists’ doodles are featured online, allowing the public to cast their votes and influence the final selection.

Prizes and Recognition

  • National Winner: The winning doodle is displayed on the Google India homepage for a day, and the student receives a hefty scholarship, technology package, and other exciting prizes.
  • Finalists and Group Winners: Top finalists and group winners also receive scholarships, technology packages, and recognition for their talent.

Impact of Doodle for Google

  • Empowering Young Artists: The competition gives a voice and nationwide platform to young artists, nurturing their passion and creativity.
  • Celebrating Diverse Ideas: Doodle for Google showcases the diverse perspectives and incredible imaginations of India’s young generation.


The Doodle for Google competition in India consistently uncovers remarkable talent and demonstrates the power of creativity when combined with imagination and technology. By participating and appreciating the winning artwork, we can all be inspired by the brilliant young minds of India as they shape the future.

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