Classics are always in demand. Remember classic casino video games.

Since the advent of video games, numerous categories of games have become very popular among players. From adventure games to sports, there are many genres that have become popular among gamers across the planet. One of these categories is casino themed games. Some have become console classics, like the Master System and Nintendo, have spread around the world. And although the online gaming industry is rapidly developing and introducing changes and innovations every day, classic games always remain at the top. Today, there are many online casinos such as, which among a large number of games always offer immortal classics. In this article, we will mention the most popular of the classic games.

Casino Games (Master System) 

If nowadays you can access an online site and play poker, blackjack and other games in a casino with a minimum deposit and still win money, decades ago the scenario was very different. To have fun electronically, without going to a real casino, the options were video games. And it was in 1989 that this classic appeared and became popular with video game players in Brazil and around the world. Casino Games, available for the Sega Master System console, featured 5 games on the same cartridge. They were: Poker, Blackjack, Baccarat, Slot Machines and Pinball. The game tried to emulate a casino in Las Vegas. You could choose whether your character would be male or female and the objective was to earn as much money as possible. In the game of course. Today you can do this for real in an online casino. Times have changed, haven’t they?

Caesars Palace 2000 (Dreamcast)

More pretentious than efficient, Ceasars Palace 2000 was a title that sought, according to the developers at the time, to create the most realistic casino game ever released until then. Coming about a decade after Master System’s Casino Games, Ceasars Palace 2000 was released in 1999. As you may know, Ceasars Palace is a real casino located in Las Vegas. The game attempted to bring the casino experience through a dozen games that included poker, baccarat, craps, slots, roulette and more. In the end, the experience failed and became a “classic” in a trashy way, much more due to its poor quality than because it was actually an interesting game. 

High Stakes Gambling (Game Boy)

High Stakes Gambling was a Las Vegas-style gambling game with an interesting fact – the game was set in the 1930s and the player’s opponents were the Mafia, and they knew how to cheat! The player competed against caricatures of real mobsters in poker and blackjack. Who doesn’t miss the classic Game Boy?

Vegas Dream (Nintendo)

For those who in the 90s wanted the thrill of playing in Las Vegas without worrying about losing a single cent, the Vegas Dream game for the NES was an excellent option. Vegas Dream featured several types of games, such as slots, Black Jack, Roulette and even Keno. But what made this game different from the rest were the added scenarios that happened randomly. Let’s say an unknown woman offered to watch a show with you. Maybe her intentions were good, or maybe she wanted to steal your wallet and throw your money at the Black Jack table. Throughout the game, you had to make choices during scenarios like this, and they had a strong impact on the fate of your chips, like a kind of RPG. Interesting, right?

Today the scenario is very different and there are a multitude of online casinos to bet for money and even make a profit from it, but years ago the only option available if you wanted to experience the excitement of casinos from afar were titles developed for video games. 

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