Claim the Largest No Deposit Bonus: Kickstart Your Wins with 5 Free Spins at Khelostar!

Exploring the live casino fun journey in 2024 becomes even more thrilling when you get a no-deposit bonus. Sounds amazing, right? Well, you can experience just that with the no-deposit bonus offered by Live Casino India. It’s like getting presents as soon as you sign up, and this bonus lets you enjoy the gaming excitement without having to make an initial deposit.

Khelostar, one of India’s top live casino sites, is presenting its users with a no-deposit offer, allowing them to dive into the gaming action without putting any money down. In this blog, we’ll explore this fantastic no deposit live casino bonus from Khelostar and guide you on how to make the most of it. So, why wait? Check out the blog to get all the details.

Free Spins: Best No Deposit Offer

In the world of online live casino gaming, a no-deposit offer holds immense significance for your journey. It’s like unwrapping presents as soon as you register, allowing you to enjoy the excitement of online live casino games without making an initial deposit. This thrill is further heightened at Khelostar, India’s premier online casino, which boasts an extensive gaming pool of over 3000+ captivating games. Now, let’s dive into the specifics of one remarkable no deposit casino bonus– free spins.

Imagine the joy of spinning the reels without spending a single penny. That’s precisely what free spins offer you at Khelostar. It’s not just about the spinning action; it’s about the potential rewards that come with it. These free spins open up the possibility of winning incredible prizes, including:

  • Brand New iPhone: When you spin for free at Khelostar, one of the potential rewards is a brand new iPhone. Yes, you read that right – you might just score the latest iPhone without spending a single rupee. It’s like getting a cool gadget upgrade as a bonus for your gaming fun.
  • One-Plus Phone: And there’s more! As the reels spin, you also stand a chance to win a One-Plus phone. Imagine adding a shiny new phone to your collection just by enjoying some free spins. It’s a neat little extra that could come your way.
  • Cash Points: As you indulge in the excitement of free spins, you may also earn Cash Points. These are like virtual coins that go straight into your Khelostar account. Why does that matter? Well, these points act as your gaming currency, allowing you to play more without touching your wallet.
  • Loyalty Points: Free spins aren’t just about the immediate wins. Khelostar rewards loyalty too. Earn Loyalty Points through your spins, and these points offer flexibility. You can use them to play more games or convert them into real money – giving you choices based on your preferences.
  • Cash Rewards: Lastly, think of Cash Rewards as a little bonus that adds to your overall gaming experience. It’s like getting a cashback, but instead of spending, you’re receiving a little something extra in your Khelostar account. A nice touch to make your gaming sessions even more enjoyable.

All these rewards come without the need to deposit a single penny. The free spins are your ticket to a world of excitement and potential winnings without any financial commitment. It’s a chance to explore the diverse offerings of Khelostar and make the most out of your online casino gaming experience. These rewards aren’t guaranteed with every spin, but the chance to snag some cool goodies adds an extra layer of excitement to your free spin experience at Khelostar.

How to Claim Free Spins on Khelostar

Claiming your free spins on the Khelostar live casino site is a breeze. Here’s a simple step-by-step guide to ensure you snag those free spins and dive into the thrilling world of online gaming:

  1. Search and Access: Start by typing “Khelostar” into your Google search bar. Click on the official website link that appears in the search results.
  2. Join the Fun: Once on the Khelostar website, locate the “Join” button situated at the top right corner. Click on it to initiate the registration process.
  3. Profile Creation: Fill in your details, including your name, contact number, and other necessary information, to create your gaming profile.
  4. Verification: Verify your identity either through a One-Time Password (OTP) sent to your mobile number or via your Gmail account.
  5. Navigate to Free Spins: After successfully creating and verifying your profile, head to the account page. Look for the “Free Spins” section, and click on it to explore your free spin options.
  6. Claim Your Free Spins: Within the Free Spins section, you’ll find the option to claim your free spins. Click on the relevant button to activate your spins and set the reels in motion.
  7. Spin and Win: Take a spin, and try your luck on the exciting rewards, which may include a brand new phone or enticing cash rewards. Rotate each spin one by one to maximize your chances.
  8. Utilize Cash Rewards: If you’re lucky enough to score cash rewards, head back to the gaming section. Use the cash rewards to enhance your gaming experience by playing your favorite games.

By following these straightforward steps, you can effortlessly claim your free spins on Khelostar and set yourself up for an entertaining and potentially rewarding gaming session. 

Other Live Casino Bonuses on the Site:

Khelostar has become a favorite destination for online live casino lovers, not just for its exciting games but also for its generous range of bonuses. Let’s check out some of the top offers that set Khelostar apart, each detailed to give you a comprehensive understanding:

100% Welcome Casino Bonus: Khelostar extends a warm welcome to new users with a 100% welcome bonus. Upon your first deposit, you can enjoy a casino bonus of up to Rs. 1 lakh. This enticing offer effectively doubles your initial deposit, providing a significant boost as you step into the world of real games. To avail this bonus, simply fund your account with more than 1000 INR for the first time.

Reload Bonus: For the regular players seeking a continuous rewarding journey, Khelostar presents the Reload Bonus. Enjoy a 10% reload bonus on live casino games, adding extra value to your gaming experience. This bonus is designed to keep the excitement alive and the rewards flowing as you continue your online live casino adventure.

Loyalty Points: For dedicated and loyal players, Khelostar offers Loyalty Points on every deposit made. These points aren’t just numbers; they can be redeemed as cash, providing you with tangible benefits. Make your deposits on Thursdays, and you can earn double loyalty points, adding an extra layer of perks to your Khelostar experience.

Losing Bonus: Acknowledging the pain of losses, Khelostar introduces the Losing Casino Bonus. Every Monday, users have the opportunity to recover from any losses incurred during the week. This thoughtful feature ensures that even in the face of setbacks, players can bounce back and continue their gaming journey with renewed enthusiasm.

Daily Cashback: Setting itself apart from the ordinary, Khelostar introduces the Daily Cashback feature. Users have the chance to receive cashback up to ₹50 lakh every day. This unique offering enhances the gaming experience, allowing players to use the cashback for more gameplay and potentially turn it into more wins.

With these diverse and rewarding bonuses, Khelostar not only provides an exciting gaming platform but also ensures that users are consistently treated to valuable perks, making their online live casino experience truly memorable.


The free spins offered by Khelostar stand out as the ultimate no-deposit casino bonus and the market’s best in its field. This attractive offer not only increases your chances of winning but also provides the opportunity to win big before even diving into the actual games. Beyond free spins, Khelostar has a range of casino bonuses, including the welcome bonus, losing bonus, loyalty points, reload bonus, and more, setting it apart as the top online live casino site in India.

Khelostar doesn’t just excel in bonuses; it goes above and beyond with top-notch features essential for a superior live casino experience. As a trusted gaming site, it ensures 24/7 customer support, instant deposits and withdrawals through multiple payment options, and a commitment to 100% safety and security. With all these features, Khelostar emerges as the go-to betting site for all your needs in 2024 with a wide range of live casino and sports exchange games. Give it a try and elevate your online gaming experience!


  1. 1. What makes Khelostar’s free spins unique among other no deposit bonuses?

Ans. Khelostar’s free spins stand out due to their potential for significant rewards, including gadgets and cash points, providing an added layer of excitement to the gaming experience.

  1. 2. How can I claim the free spins on Khelostar?

Ans: Claiming free spins on Khelostar is simple. Just visit the official site, sign up, create your profile, verify your identity, and head to the Free Spins section in your account to claim and enjoy the spins.

  1. 3. Are there any wagering requirements associated with the bonuses offered by Khelostar?

Ans. Khelostar maintains transparency with its bonuses. Specific details about any wagering requirements are typically provided in the terms and conditions of each bonus, ensuring users are informed.

  1. 4. Can the Loyalty Points earned be converted into real money, and how does the process work?

Ans: Yes, Loyalty Points earned through deposits can be converted into real money. Users can redeem these points in the designated section, allowing for added flexibility in utilizing the rewards.

  1. What safety measures does Khelostar have in place for secure gaming and transactions?

Ans: Khelostar prioritizes the safety and security of its users. With features such as a trusted gaming site, encrypted technology, RNG technique, 24/7 customer support, and multiple secure payment options, the platform ensures a secure and reliable gaming environment for its players.

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