Brand Awareness Survey: Understanding Consumer Perception and Recognition

These days, every business must take part in brand awareness. This is so they remain a relevant competitor who can thrive in the market. Customers are more likely to trust brands with greater brand awareness. A good example is when someone mentions e-readers. These devices are not mentioned as a whole, rather you are more likely to hear about the Kindle reader and if you have tried it yourself. Kindle is a widely loved product, so much so it has become the representation of e-reading devices. Such recognition is the result of good brand awareness.

There is a proper procedure to measure brand awareness called the brand awareness survey. It helps companies understand consumer perception and the recognition of your brand. The best thing about it is that you can easily do the survey using social media platforms like WhatsApp with Whatsapp chatbot integration. This article talks all about brand awareness surveys. So let’s get started.

What is a Brand Awareness Survey?

A brand awareness survey is a tool to get quantifiable data regarding customer views. These are perceptions of how your brand appears in the public space. The right marketing strategy can be designed based on this survey’s results. Here are two ways you can conduct the survey:

  • Conduct a brand awareness survey to directly gather feedback from your target audience using platforms like Typeform.
  • Distribute the surveys to consumers through social media or emails to understand the effectiveness of your brand awareness strategy.

How Do Brand Awareness Surveys Help Businesses Understand and Analyze Consumers?

These surveys are an effective tool for your business. It helps figure out how the general population views your brand. Quantitative data collected from these surveys is used to calculate measures related to brand awareness. Let’s understand how brand awareness surveys help companies understand their consumers:

By Measuring Brand Recognition

Surveys on brand awareness gauge how well-known a brand is among the target audience. Questions test people’s understanding of and ability to recall brand components such as taglines, logos, and goods and services. The percentage of respondents who properly identified brand components is shown via survey data. After that, you can use the data to increase brand awareness through brand recognition data analysis. Here’s how the data analysis can help your campaign:

  • The results you get by measuring brand recognition can bring out the need for a more effective brand awareness campaign.
  • The results can also indicate faulty designs that require adjustments without completely changing the whole campaign.

By Accessing Customer Perception of the Brand

One important factor that brand awareness surveys help to uncover is customer perception. Your businesses might find gaps between their intended and real brand perceptions by measuring customer perceptions of their products or services. You can adjust your branding tactics in light of this understanding. For example, if consumers identify a brand with price rather than quality, they can decide to focus on making its product messaging stronger.

By Tracking Trends

Your business can use brand awareness surveys to track trends over time. It can be used to monitor changes in consumer awareness and perception. Let’s say you are a jewelry brand whose brand recognition has been positive with consumers over the last few years. However, you observe a slight decline in demand for silver jewelry in the last 6 months in your annual brand awareness survey. The result shows a shift from silver to gold jewelry in the past 6 months. What you do next is adapt your jewelry catalog to offer more jewelry options in gold. You can keep track of positive trends in the consumers to increase your market share according to the new demands.

How Can Brands Create Brand Awareness Surveys to Help Understand Consumer Perception and Recognition?

You know now how important brand awareness surveys are for your brand awareness strategy. Let’s now understand how you can create brand awareness surveys to help understand consumer perception and recognition.

Decide on your Goals

It’s important that you decide on what exactly you want from the survey. Do you want to understand consumer sentiments regarding your brand? Do you want to measure brand recall? Your brand awareness survey will be much better organized, and the results will be easy to analyze when you have a clear idea of the goals.

Select the Target Audience

You have to consider which target audience you want to use for the survey to get meaningful survey results. You can pick from a range of target audience based on age, gender, purchasing behavior, or location. If you are a luxury skincare brand and want to understand what your audience wants then you can choose to do the survey on women aged 25-45. However, if you want to understand which state demographic isn’t familiar with your brand, then pick the consumers from a location for the survey.

Chose a Methodology for the Brand Awareness Survey

Apart from email, social media, and platforms like Typeform, you can use phone interviews and focus groups for your brand awareness survey. You can also use chatbots in your WhatsApp Business platform. Just make sure you pick a survey methodology that is under your budget and easy for you to collect data and analyze.

Design the Survey

You can include a mix of closed and open-ended questions to get both quantitative and qualitative data. You can find questionnaires on the internet but we advise you to create your own questionnaire for a more meaningful result. Also, the survey doesn’t need to be 60-70 questions long. Chances are your audience might not fill out the questionnaire then. It’s better you pick 5-10 important and direct questions for better output.

Do a Pilot Test

Do a pilot test of the brand awareness survey you designed in-house to make sure it is clear and measurable. The pilot taste review can help fine-tune the survey before deploying it to the actual audience. If your pilot test is successful then distribute the survey among your audience. You can use platforms like WhatsApp to take the survey as well. Make sure to integrate WhatsApp business with CRM to get the best out of the platform.

Interpret and Utilize the Survey Result

Now you can go ahead and analyze the data you collected through the survey. Depending on your data analysis and interpretation you can proceed to make changes in your brand awareness campaign accordingly.

To Sum It Up

A brand awareness survey can help you figure it out if you want to understand how your consumers perceive and recognize your brand. You get concrete data on your brand awareness from your consumers directly when you use a brand awareness survey. You can then use the data you collect from the survey to redo and correct the gaps in your brand awareness campaigns.

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