A TV or A Projector? Some Comparisons You Should Know About

We all have one or more TVs in our houses. No matter living alone or with families, a TV in the living room is a must. Moreover, watching TV has become a significant entertainment method for many of us, especially when we have parents and kids living together. However, the demand for TVs has declined slightly in the past years, while the sales of projectors rose in comparison. In the past, projectors were just used for showing pictures or for office purposes, and now, they are substitutes for TVs. In this article, we will discuss some comparisons between a TV and a projector. 

The Advantages of Using a Projector Compared to a TV  

The growth in the sales of projects proves that projectors are getting more popular. In this part, we will talk about some advantages of using a projector, including a bigger display, eye protection, and mobility. 

Bigger Displaying Area

For many people, watching a movie in the cinema have a different experience from those watching at home. Due to physical limitation, it is impossible for us to put a giant TV in our living room. Thus, the display area will be limited to the screen size of the TV. Nevertheless, a projector could fill the wall of your living room with videos by taking up little space. Someone may question the image quality of the projector because its performance is usually not competitive against a TV. After a series of upgrades, projectors are now gradually approaching 4K image quality, while they also pay more attention to brightness and color performance. Therefore, some families prefer to have their own home cinemas will acquire a projector at home.

Protection for Eyes

It is true that watching TV for hours without taking a break will damage our eyes, and it is the main cause of many children getting short-sighted. Moreover, the electromagnetic waves of the TV and a variety of colored light will also stimulate the eyes, causing dry eyes, fatigue, ghosting, blurred vision and even head and neck pain and so on. Comparingly, the projector uses LED light to emit images that are diffusely reflected onto a wall or curtain. This type of imaging is less harmful to the human eye than blue light or screen flashing. However, the large format of the projector can be adjusted to reduce eye strain while simultaneously reducing eye distance.


Easy to Move

A TV is normally fixed in one position after being installed, while a projector can be moved in various positions. When we are watching TV in the living room, our eyes are locked on the screen and the display area is fixed. Then, it is easy for us to get tired by sitting and staring at the TV without moving. However, we could adjust the display area and size when using a projector, by just simply moving the projector slightly. Furthermore, we could even move the projector to our bedrooms in case we want to watch at night, compared to watching a small TV in such a narrow space. 


In conclusion, a projector could be a substitute for a TV for home use. Firstly, a projector could display the image in a greater area, which would improve the watching experience. The image quality has also been upgraded, and users should not worry about this issue. Secondly, the light reflected from a projector will have less impact on our eyes. Finally, a projector could be moved according to the user’s demand to meet the best video quality, while it could also be used in a smaller space (such as the bedroom).

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