5 Best Features of the HAOQI Cheetah

When you take a look at the HAOQI electric cheetah bike, you are placing your eyes on a product that is not only stylish but functional as well. If you are searching for an electric bike for your commute or leisure travels, you need to take into serious consideration this product from HAOQI. Here are the top features of the Cheetah full-suspension electric bike. 

What are the 5 Features of the HAOQI Cheetah Electric Bike? 

Option for battery

You have the option to include a 25Ah battery in your package or get the standard 16Ah standard model. For the 16Ah battery, your electric cheetah can reach a distance of 65 miles. If you buy the 25Ah version, you can drive your bike to a distance of 85 miles. Either way, you are getting a product with a reliable battery that can last a long time. You are sure that the battery that your electric bike has will sustain you in your travels. 

Dual suspension system

The suspension system of your electric bike determines the comfort that you will have when you drive it. This part of your electric bike contains mechanical systems of shocks and springs that absorb the impact caused by the road to the wheels and axles which are also connected to the body of your bike. If you have a dual suspension system, this means that your bike will have to double the comfort and double the shock absorption that you can get from a typical electric bike. 

Traction on the road 

The HAOQI electric Cheetah bike is equipped with two fat tires at the front and back end to ensure that your ride is safe from start to finish. The fat tire design is purposely chosen so that you can have better traction on the road. This makes your drive on various types of terrains smooth and continuous without hassle. Whether you are traveling on mountain trails, sandy roads, snowy soil, or other rugged landscapes, you can still drive with stability. 

Powerful brushless motor

The HAOQI Cheetah electric bike has a powerful 750W brushless geared hub motor. The company guarantees a 90NM torque without any deformation on the equipment. The durability of this brushless motor is top-notch. You can depend on this motor to move you on different levels of the road. The gear helps in moving you on the road. The brushless aspect of the motor makes sure that you have quiet components to make your ride comfortable. 

Free battery replacement 

Another benefit of this product is its three-year free battery replacement. This service means that you can ask the manufacturer to replace your battery within the three-year timeframe of your electric bike. To get this battery replacement, your battery should be below 70 percent based on the rating of your battery. You should also make sure to request the battery replacement within the three-year policy. 

HAOQI Cheetah


As you make your final decision to buy this electric cheetah bike, you can choose between the 16Ah standard model or the 25Ah dual battery version. When you buy it, you can also get additional accessories to make your electric bike look better and more useful. It is best to look at the features once again so that you can finally make up your mind and think of picking the HAOQI Cheetah as your next full-suspension electric bike. 

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