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What is Rhinoplasty Surgery?

Rhinoplasty Surgery

Rhinoplasty has received a lot of popularity and is done to change the shape of the nose. It is a surgery that will affect the look of a person’s nose. Some may prefer to have it increased to enhance their looks, while many will have some rhinoplasty conducted to change the shape of the nose due to medical reasons.It not only brings a change in the shape of facial structure and makes the appearance of the face look better but also improves breathing and helps treat conditions due to genetics or accidents. 

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Consultation and Planning

Anyone intending to undertake the rhinoplasty surgical procedure should first visit Dr. Reilly Facial Plastic Surgeon Washington DC. In the consultation, the surgeon examines the patients’ noses, educates them about what to expect from the procedure, and lastly, the specialist discusses the patient’s health status.

Digital images and photographs effectively communicate the proposed steps of the operation and the expected outcome to the patient.

Surgical Procedure

This is done to patients who are either placed under general anesthesia or local anesthesia. What type of anesthesia to be given can also differ depending on the level of the surgery or as per the patient’s wish. The surgeon then makes the incisions and reconstructs the nasal bones, septum, and other soft tissues.

They are valuable in areas requiring tissue reinforcement or reconstruction. They are harvested from the patient’s body, the septum, the ear, or the rib in cases where it is missing. It takes one to three hours, depending on the number of changes to be made when the surgery is in progress. After this, the necessary adjustments are made, the needed sutures are taken, and the nose is conformed and maintained into the new form within the initial postoperative days.

Immediate Postoperative Care

The recovery process after the rhinoplasty surgery is systematic and can be divided into various stages. Some symptoms expected to occur in the first few days after the surgery include inflammation and discoloration of the skin around the nose and the eyes. These side effects are usually worse in the first few days of treatment and may gradually subside over a week or two. The following can be recommended: using pain relievers and ice on the affected area.

Long-Term Recovery

The first step of the healing process takes two weeks. Avoid rough work, lifting heavy objects, or any activity leading to nose injury during this period. Following the surgeon’s advice minimizes the recovery period and avoids complications.Changes could be noticed as early as the swelling starts to subside; however, the final result of the rhinoplasty may not be seen for a year when the tissues in the nose stabilize.

This is one of the most popular surgeries that can be done to give the nose a new look and a better shape and size. It is recommended that one should research and seek advice from a professional if one is considering having rhinoplasty to enhance their beauty. With a little effort from the patient, they canrebuildtheir self-esteem and confidence.

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