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The Signs of a Drunk Driver That You Should Be Wary Of

Drunk Driver

Most accidents are caused by DUIs in America. According to statistics, approximately 37 people succumb to drunk-driving crashes daily. Studies show that this number is increasing yearly. There has been an increase of 16% from 2018, which recorded 36,835 fatal crashes, to 2022, which had 42,795 fatal crashes. 

Once you are involved in an accident where you suspect the driver is intoxicated, you should immediately get help from a drunk driving accident lawyer. The advocate’s role will be to collect the necessary evidence to prove the driver was drunk. They will also ensure you, the claimant, are fairly compensated. 

As a driver, you should be keen on the road and watch out for signs of drunk driving. So, which are these signs that you, as a driver, should be wary of? Let us find out. 

Signs to Look Out For

About 40% of fatal car accidents in the United States are due to alcohol. Because of this, you should be extra careful while driving and look out for the following signs, which indicate that the other driver is driving while drunk. 


According to the NHTSA, fatal accidents caused by overspeeding increased by 8% between 2020 and 2021. In 2021, around 12,330 individuals lost their lives due to overspeeding accidents, which amounted to 29% of traffic deaths. 

Alcohol tends to impair a driver’s reasoning and concentration. If their judgment is impaired, they will not be able to control the vehicle and stop in time. So, what should you do when you find yourself in such a situation? 

Letting the drunk driver overtake you will minimize the chances of you getting into an accident.

Braking Suddenly or Driving Too Slowly

This is the opposite of overspeeding. Drunk drivers are too overconfident, and despite knowing they should not drive, they convince themselves that if they drive slowly, they will be safe. 

This could pose a major threat (such as a collision), especially on a highway with expected speed limits. If you notice the car in front of you is suddenly braking or the diver is slowing down, you should:


This is another indication that a driver is intoxicated. Drunk drivers have trouble staying in their designated lane. This is due to the fact that drinking alcohol can impair a person’s vision and induce blurriness. 

Not sticking to one’s lane is dangerous and can cause fatal accidents. The two consequences of swerving include:

Breaking Traffic Rules

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Drunk drivers are usually not in the right state of mind. This means they will not be able to distinguish right from wrong. They break the basic traffic rules without caring about the consequences. This is very dangerous, as it may cause accidents and even death on the roads. 

Basic laws that drunk drivers break and fail to follow may include:


Driving while intoxicated is quite risky because it can result in fatalities as well as severe injuries. You can easily spot a drunk driver on the road because their actions are clearly visible. They act in ways that a reasonable person would not do. 

The visible signs include driving at high speed, swerving, suddenly braking, driving extremely slowly, and breaking crucial driving laws. To minimize your chances of being a victim of DUI road accidents, you should keep your distance, overtake when you get a chance, or change lanes.

Remember to contact a drunk driving accident lawyer if you get into an accident and you suspect the other driver was intoxicated. 

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