The KHANDHERI stadium which is also known as saurashtra cricket association. It …


The KHANDHERI stadium which is also known as saurashtra cricket association. It is the apple of the eye for Rajkot which is a heartbeat for all cricket lovers.The Khandheri stadium was established in the year of 2008 and was a noted history for gujarat. First match was played in the year of 2013 which was INDIA vs ENGLAND. Initially cricket in the Khandheri stadium was played for only “Ranji Trophies” and then started T20 matches and never stopped. Stadium in a developing city like Rajkot is the biggest achievement for all of us as all the cricketers and other profound people get a chance to visit rajkot. It is one the proudest moments for Rajkot people. Due to that opportunity for rajkot as a best developing city emerges and flaws out beautifully not only this but Khandheri stadium is Gujarat’s first solar energy stadium which states that Rajkot is not only developing but it is smartly developing and contributing a lot more towards saving the environment and ecosystem, not only this but our history is profound and passed by the great leader Mahatma Gandhi as he used to live in rajkot for his studies. Through the records we have witnessed that Gandhiji was a profound player of cricket as well and has developed so many sports sectors by the time. To be living in the city makes us realise the fragrance of history with flavours of great renowned people which we are proud and thankful today. Khandheri stadium is one of the emerging history out of all other gujarat cities. Let’s be proud of Rajkot today and let’s stand as a proud Rajkotian.

Credit- @drashti.98

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