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Biocentrism Debunked: Why the Theory of Life-Centered Universe Is Flawed

Biocentrism Debunked

Biocentrism is a controversial theory that claims that life and consciousness are the fundamental aspects of reality and that the physical universe is a product of our perception. According to biocentrism, biology, not physics, is the primary science of the universe. The theory was proposed by Robert Lanza, a stem cell researcher, and author, in his 2007 book “Biocentrism: How Life and Consciousness are the Keys to Understanding the True Nature of the Universe”. Lanza argues that biocentrism can explain some of the mysteries and paradoxes of modern physics, such as the double-slit experiment, quantum entanglement, and the fine-tuning of cosmological constants.

However, biocentrism has been widely criticized and rejected by many scientists and philosophers, who point out its logical flaws, lack of empirical evidence, and contradiction with established scientific theories. In this post, we will examine some of the main arguments against biocentrism and why it is not a valid or plausible explanation of reality.

Biocentrism Is Not Based on Evidence

One of the major criticisms of biocentrism is that it is not based on any empirical evidence or testable predictions. Biocentrism relies on metaphysical assumptions and speculations that are not supported by observation or experimentation. For example, biocentrism claims that consciousness is a fundamental property of the universe, but it does not provide any definition or mechanism for how consciousness arises or interacts with matter. Biocentrism also claims that perception creates reality, but it does not explain how perception works or how different observers can agree on a common reality. Biocentrism is essentially a philosophical argument, not a scientific one.

Biocentrism Contradicts Modern Physics

Another criticism of biocentrism is that it contradicts the established laws and principles of modern physics. Biocentrism views the physical universe as a secondary and subjective phenomenon, while physics views it as a primary and objective entity. Biocentrism misinterprets some of the concepts and experiments of quantum mechanics, such as the observer effect, to support its claim that reality depends on observation. However, the observer effect does not imply that consciousness creates reality, but rather that measurement affects the state of a quantum system. Moreover, biocentrism ignores the fact that quantum mechanics is compatible with classical physics at larger scales, where reality does not depend on observation.

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Biocentrism also fails to account for the cosmological evidence that shows that the universe existed long before life and consciousness emerged. Biocentrism suggests that the fine-tuning of the physical constants that allow for life is a result of our observation, but this implies that our observation can affect the past, which violates causality. Furthermore, biocentrism does not explain how life and consciousness originated in the first place or how they can exist in different forms and degrees.

Biocentrism Is Not Practical or Useful

A final criticism of biocentrism is that it is not practical or useful for understanding or improving reality. Biocentrism offers no solutions or guidance for the problems and challenges that we face as living beings in a physical world. Biocentrism does not address the ethical, social, environmental, or existential issues that arise from our existence and interaction with other forms of life. Biocentrism does not provide any insight or inspiration for scientific discovery or technological innovation. Biocentrism is essentially a solipsistic and nihilistic view of reality that denies or disregards the value and meaning of anything outside our own consciousness.


In conclusion, biocentrism is a flawed theory that attempts to explain reality by placing life and consciousness at its center. However, biocentrism has no empirical support, contradicts modern physics, and offers no practical or useful benefits. Biocentrism is not a valid or plausible explanation of reality.

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